Episode 31 – An Interview with Brandon Coats

Episode 31 - Brandon Coats of MHS On this week’s episode I am joined by Brandon Coats who is the Global Product Manager for Robotics at MHS. You may remember MHS from our ProMat series where we spoke with Suhas Hajgude on episode 11. MHS is a single source supplier for automation that will provide solutions to your operation from a controls, software and hardware standpoint. Brandon has a vast experience in robotics and discusses some interesting insights into where robotics is at and what is driving the growth in the space. He even shares some interesting information

EP 30: Conversight.ai

Episode 30 - Conversight.ai This two part episode focuses on the company Conversight which I had the pleasure of being introduced to at ASCM 2019 in Las Vegas. I spoke with Mike Rossetti who is the Director of Sales at Conversight and with Nick Campbell who is the Director of Operations at Mavpak and a customer of Conversight. Conversight or Conversight.ai has a goal to humanize the interaction between computer systems and the users. They do this by compiling all the data a company has and utilizing an AI platform similar to Siri. Their version of Siri is

EP 29: An Interview with Lora Steele

Episode 29 - Lora Steele of Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership On this episode I had the opportunity to interview Lora Steel of the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership who is doing amazing things in the logistics space in Indiana. I was able to initially connect with her when I learned about the Pallet Games happening in her area. Eventually I learned that they are doing many exciting programs for the industry in their area. This was really exciting for me as my experience as an operation manager has shown me firsthand that there is a need for

EP 28: Cargobarn at ASCM 2019

Episode 28 - Cargobarn at ASCM 2019 On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Haylie Ritchie of Cargobarn from ASCM 2019. ASCM is the Association of Supply Chain Management and I was lucky enough to attend their conference in Las Vegas last week. I connected with Haylie in the exhibition hall where Cargobarn had a booth setup. We spoke about Cargobarn, their differentiator in a saturated market, ASCM and challenges attendees are discussing. Key Takeaways With the transportation industry being incredibly saturated, as a transportation company it is important to have something to differentiate and

EP 27 – An Interview with Rick Watson

Episode 27 - Rick Watson of RMW Commerce Consulting This week I am discussing E-commerce with Rick Watson the CEO & Founder of RMW Commerce Consulting. Rick brings 20 years of experience in the e-commerce space to the show to talk about, you guessed it, e-commerce! More specifically we discuss how we connected, Amazon and Rick's tips for companies looking to start and e-commerce channel for their business. About Rick and RMW Commerce Consulting Rick has worked with multiple companies helping to bring them into different markets. Most notably he worked with Barnes & Noble to develop their

Episode 26 – To Slot or Not?

Episode 26 - To Slot or Not? On this episode, I am talking about slotting in the warehouse. If you are unfamiliar with slotting, it is the process of organizing inventory in the warehouse to specific locations. I discuss determining factors on whether you need to slot or not, what information you need to gather to get a slotting plan together and how to execute and maintain your slotting. To Slot or Not? You need to make the determination if slotting is worth your time. I give some different scenarios on where slotting may not be needed. While