Episode 12 – ProMat Part 5

Episode 12 - ProMat Part 5 This is the last in our ProMat series and it is a very interesting episode. One of the major things about ProMat was the amount of technology that is coming into our industry and the different and incredibly smart ways it is being applied. I think that this episode really showcases a lot of the technological advances from different segments of the industry. This episode covers fully automated picks, machine learning at the loading dock, autonomous forklifts, conveyors on mobile robots and more. Read more about each company below and if you

Episode 11 – ProMat Part 4

Episode 11 - ProMat Part 4 Part Four in our ProMat series is full of technology. This series of interviews discusses navigation for robots, new sensor technology, deep learning and even includes a picking demo by myself which you can see below. You can read more about each company featured below and if you are just catching up you can find the previous parts at the following links: Part One, Part Two, Part Three. Humatics Humatics is doing really amazing things with location and spatial intelligence to allow robots to navigate through different operations. I got to speak

Episode 10 – ProMat Part 3

Episode 10 - ProMat Part Three Part Three of The New Warehouse Podcast ProMat series is here! On this episode we hear from companies involved in robotics, handhelds, guarding, fans and much more. Read more about each company below. If you missed the previous parts you can find part one here and part two here. Universal Robots At the Universal Robots booth, I had the chance to speak with Joe Campbell who is the Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing and Applications Development. I learned how Universal Robots was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of

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Episode 09 – ProMat Part 2

Episode 09 - ProMat Part 2 Part Two of my interviews from the ProMat floor are here. If you missed part one you can check it out here. In this episode we have interviews discussing topics around forklifts, racking solutions, barcodes, RFID, carousels, rugged computers, robotics and conveyance. One of the highlights of this episode is my discussion with Productive Robotics and the demonstration of teaching a task to their robot. There is more information on each company below and I can guarantee you we will have some additional content coming from them in the future. I hope

The New Warehouse Book Club

The New Warehouse Book Club I am happy to announce our new virtual book club! When I set out to start The New Warehouse I wanted to make sure that we could find a way to keep each other in the industry connected and be able to keep sharing thoughts and ideas for the better of our industry. My hope is that this virtual book club will be a way to connect with a lot of you on a different level and be able to share insights from what we learn together through reading. The concept is

EP 08 – ProMat Part 1

Episode 08 - ProMat Part 1 Very excited to bring you the first episode of my ProMat interviews. Last week we had my recap and my impressions from the show. The following series of shows will have the interviews from industry experts that helped me to formulate those thoughts. Each episode will have a variety of interviews with different solution providers within the logistics and distribution industries. The first episode will feature robotics, mezzanines, controls, automation, batteries and work station solutions. Definitely a wide variety of topics and all information and insights from industry experts. All interviews were