EP 39: An Interview with Shreya Jain

Episode 39 - Shreya Jain of Liberty Hardware On this week’s episode, I am joined by Shreya Jain who is an Operations Planner for Liberty Hardware. I had the pleasure of meeting Shreya on my trip to the most recent ASCM conference in Las Vegas and we ended up connecting through the ASCM app and meeting up to discuss the topic of slotting. You may remember Episode 26 where I discussed slotting, which is initially why Shreya reached out. I brought Shreya on the show to get her perspective on a few different things in the industry. Like

EP 38: Visiting Locus Robotics HQ

Episode 38 - Visiting Locus Robotics HQ Cyber Monday 2019 is here! For this year's cyber Monday I had the pleasure to visit Locus Robotics who is a driving force behind many companies increasing their capacity during the current busy season to meet demand. You may remember Locus from our very first episode with Bruce Welty who is one of the co-founders and also from part 4 of the ProMat series where I visited the Locus booth to get a demo and talk to CMO Karen Leavitt. On this episode I connected with Karen again to catch up

EP 37: An Interview with Steven Reichert

Episode 37 - Steven Reichert of Cardinal Logistics On this episode, I was joined by Steven Reichert of Cardinal Logistics. Steven is the SaaS General Manager at Cardinal and he came on to discuss Cardinal, their 4 questions to ask a transportation management company and their partnership with friend of the show Zebra. You may remember my previous guest from Zebra, Mark Wheeler. Cardinal Logistics provides transportation and logistics solutions. They have a very large driver pool of over 3,600 spread out across 200 different locations throughout the United States and they also provide a SaaS (software as

EP 36: An Interview with Ian Smith

Episode 36 - Ian Smith of Ware On this episode I was joined by Ian Smith who is the CEO of Ware. Ware is providing the industry with autonomous drones to help support their inventory control efforts. Ian is a co-founder and is currently the CEO of Ware with a background in drones that resulted from his previous experience as a helicopter pilot. He worked with drone companies in the past from both the hardware and software side as well as creating a top drone podcast which led to him co-founding Ware. This is a very timely discussion

EP35: An Interview with Tom O’Brien

Episode 35 - Tom O'Brien of Gamber-Johnson On this week's episode I am joined by Tom O'Brien who is the Material Handling and Logistics Sales Manager at Gamber-Johnson. Gamber-Johnson manufactures and sells rugged mounts for many different industries that allow you to mount different technologies like tablets, laptops and printers to your equipment. We discuss the origins of Gamber-Johnson, how they started to create mounts for material handling, working with IT departments on choosing the right setup, powering your setup and more. Key Takeaways Gamber-Johnson operates under the philosophy of the 3 R's which are rugged, reliable and

EP 34: An Interview with Alex Belenky

Episode 34 - Alex Belenky of Eiratech Robotics On this episode I was joined by Alex Belenky who is the CRO of Eiratech Robotics. Eiratech is an Ireland based robotics company which has developed a full robotics goods to person system that is utilized in fulfillment operations. We spoke about Eiratech's system, how it compares to other solutions on the market, the concept of the dark warehouse versus collaborative robots and safety regulations around robots. Key Takeaways Eiratech's Eirabot is a goods to person robot that carries shelving to a pick station. What is unique about Eiratech's pick