Episode 22 – An Interview with Sam Bacha

Episode 22 - Sam Bacha of Freight Trust In Episode 22 of The New Warehouse Podcast I got to discuss block chain which is something I was not quite familiar with before the show. I spoke with Sam Bacha who is the CEO and co-founder of Freight Trust. Freight Trust provides fully digitized shipping documents to help streamline your supply chain operation and give you real time tracking. Digitization is something we discussed being a larger part of the future of supply chain with Tim Wills in Episode 19 and Freight Trust is delivering it for one part

Episode 21 – Mark Wheeler of Zebra Technologies

Episode 21 - Mark Wheeler or Zebra Technologies Mark Wheeler of Zebra Technologies On this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast I am joined by the Director of Supply Chain Solutions at Zebra Technologies, Mark Wheeler. Mark was a guest on the podcast for part 3 of our ProMat series and gave us an overview of the different technologies they were showcasing in their booth. Zebra is not only a leader in providing front line employees with the latest technology to help them improve their productivity but they also provide the industry with great resources through

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Episode 20 – John Sloan of SpaceGuard Products

Episode 20 - John Sloan of SpaceGuard Products In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast I interview John Sloan, Director of Business Development - Material Handling Divison, of SpaceGuard Products. We discuss SpaceGuards products, warehouse safety and safety prevention. Previously on the podcast during our ProMat series I spoke with President of SpaceGuard Products, Eddie Murphy, and I was happy to go more in depth with another representative of their company in this episode. Safety is one of if not the most important topics in your operation. It should be set into the culture and should be

Episode 19 – Tim Wills

Episode 19 - Tim Wills of Peak-Ryzex On this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, I interview Tim Wills, the CMO of Peak-Ryzex. We discuss current and emerging trends in the supply chain and logistics space. Peak-Ryzex is an end to end provider of supply chain, mobility and retail solutions. They deal with different customers looking for solutions on a daily basis so it is incredibly important for their business to stay on top of industry trends. Tim discusses the trends that Peak-Ryzex is currently seeing in the market and what customers of all sizes should be keeping

Episode 18 – Joern Tinnemeyer of Enersys

Episode 18 - Joern Tinnemeyer For episode 18 of The New Warehouse Podcast, Joern Tinnemeyer, CTO of Enersys, joined me in a discussion about one of the most exciting innovations (in my opinion) to be coming into our industry in the near future which is wireless forklift charging. You may remember that this was one of my two favorite things from my ProMat recap episode and I also got the chance to discuss it briefly with Harold Vanasse on site at ProMat as well in episode 08. Well, I was so interested I had to get more details

EP 17: Andy Marsh of Plug Power

Episode 17 - Andy Marsh of Plug Power On this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, I spoke with Andy Marsh who is one of the leading authorities on hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Not only is he the CEO and President of Plug Power, he is the Chairman of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, a member of the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Tactical Advisory Committee and internationally represents Plug Power in supporting the Hydrogen Council. He truly is a great source of information on hydrogen energy and fuel cells so I am very happy to