Episode 353: Spot AI

Episode 353: Spot AISPOT AI is a camera system that helps businesses leverage video footage to improve safety, security, and efficiency. By detecting areas of improvement early on, companies can save...

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Episode 351: Powerfleet

Episode 351: PowerfleetScott Walker, VP of Supply Chain Product Management at Powerfleet, joins The New Warehouse podcast to discuss their people-powered IoT solutions for multiple industries. They...

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Episode 333: RGo Robotics

Episode 333: RGo RoboticsOn this week’s episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, we welcome Amir Bousani, Co-Founder and CEO of RGo Robotics. RGo Robotics provides AGVs, AMRs, and last-mile delivery robots...

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EP 214: Kindred.ai

Episode 214 – Kindred.aiOn this episode I was joined by the CEO of Kindred.ai, Marin Tchakarov. Kindred.ai is bringing together advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to bring smart sortation...

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EP 176: CognitOps

Episode 176 – CognitOpsOn this episode I was joined by the Co-Founder & CEO at CognitOps, Alex Ramirez. CognitOps is not a WMS, not a WCS, not a WES but a WOS! Alex and I discuss how their...

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