Month: October 2021

EP 222: Supply Jane

Episode 222 – Supply JaneOn this episode I was joined by author Megan Preston Meyer. She has created the Supply Jane series of books for children which focus on teaching supply chain concepts...

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EP 221: Warehouse Standards

Episode 221 – Warehouse StandardsOn this episode I discuss warehouse standards and their importance. This has been one of the most important things to getting fully effective processes in place...

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EP 220: Saddle Creek Logistics

Episode 220 – Saddle Creek LogisticsOn this episode I was joined by Tony Hollis of Saddle Creek Logistics. Tony is the Director of Technology & Innovation at Saddle Creek Logistics so you...

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EP 219: Warehouse Moves

Episode 219 – Warehouse MovesFor today’s topic, I’m discussing warehouse moves. A warehouse move is in regards to moving an operation from one location to another, adding an additional location...

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EP 217: FedEx Autonomous Trucking

Episode 217 – FedEx Autonomous TruckingOn this episode I was joined by Suman Kharbanda of FedEx. Suman is the Director of Advanced Technology and Innovation at FedEx and has been very instrumental...

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