Month: May 2019

Episode 12 – Tom Szaky

Episode 12 – Tom Szaky of TerracycleFor episode 13 of The New Warehouse Podcast I had the pleasure to sit down with Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of Terracycle. Terracycle’s mission is to make the...

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Episode 11 – ProMat Part 5

Episode 11 – ProMat Part 5This is the last in our ProMat series and it is a very interesting episode. One of the major things about ProMat was the amount of technology that is coming into our...

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Episode 10 – ProMat Part 4

Episode 10 – ProMat Part 4Part Four in our ProMat series is full of technology. This series of interviews discusses navigation for robots, new sensor technology, deep learning and even includes...

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Episode 09 – ProMat Part 3

Episode 09 – ProMat Part ThreePart Three of The New Warehouse Podcast ProMat series is here! On this episode we hear from companies involved in robotics, handhelds, guarding, fans and much more....

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