Month: February 2023

362: Everything 3PL with

362: Everything 3PL with Fulfill.comJoe Spisak, CEO of, joins The New Warehouse to share the inspiring and amusing journey that led him to start provides businesses...

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361: Flytrex at Manifest 2023

361: Flytrex at Manifest 2023Joining The New Warehouse from Manifest 2023 is Yariv Bash, the Co-founder, and CEO of Flytrex, a company focused on on-demand commercial drone delivery. They have five...

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358: Ware2Go at Manifest 2023

358: Ware2Go at Manifest 2023Don’t miss out on this episode of The New Warehouse, where our guest is Stephen Denton, CEO at Ware2Go. Steve discussed how Ware2Go threads together a network of 45...

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Episode 356: ProGlove

Episode 356: ProGloveIlhan Kolko, Chief Product Officer and President of North America at ProGlove, joins the latest episode of The New Warehouse. ProGlove is a human-centered industrial technology...

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Episode 355: StreetDrone

Episode 355: StreetDroneThe New Warehouse welcomes Mark Preston, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at StreetDrone, to discuss autonomous driving in logistics. Mark has a background in mechanical...

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