Episode 356: ProGlove

Episode 356: ProGlove

Ilhan Kolko, Chief Product Officer and President of North America at ProGlove, joins the latest episode of The New Warehouse. ProGlove is a human-centered industrial technology company that connects IoT with humans through wearable solutions. Kevin and Ilhan discuss their recent round of funding, product development, and why Ilhan believes ProGlove has developed the best wearable scanner ever.

Key Takeaways

  • ProGlove’s flagship product, Mark 3, is a multi-range variable barcode scanner the size of a matchbox that allows for hands-free scanning and eliminates distractions from putting devices down to pick up products. Ilhan shares how they continue to improve their products while ensuring integration into the ecosystem is entirely zero-touch.
  • ProGlove’s wearable scanners, akin to ‘Fitbits,’ are designed to collect valuable data and apply it to different areas of the working process. This information allows Proglove’s team of data engineers and scientists to do deep dives into the collected data to find patterns that can improve efficiency on the shop floor. Customer reaction has been positive overall due to Proglove’s end-to-end approach toward collecting homogeneous datasets that are trustworthy enough for complex pattern analysis.
  • When discussing trends in wearable technology, Ilhan shares that according to a recent survey by ProGlove, worker safety and well-being are becoming higher priorities for wearable tech development moving forward. To further develop its products for the future, ProGlove will continue partnerships with robotics companies and other SaaS solutions providers who focus on collaborative technologies.

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