Episode 354: IPCMobile

Episode 354: IPCMobile

Jeff Scott, CEO of IPCMobile, joins The New Warehouse Podcast this week to discuss wearable devices for warehousing and fulfillment. Infinite Peripherals provides hardware and software solutions for healthcare, retail, supply chain, logistics, and more. In this episode, Jeff gives a sneak peek of their new HaloRing Scanner that just recently released.

Key Takeaways

  • The NexusConnect device from IPCMobile uses the Otterbox uniVERSE rail system allowing it to work with Android and IOS devices. With the IP65 rating, long and short-range scanning, and wireless charging, NexusConnect transforms familiar mobile devices into powerful, ergonomically friendly warehouse scanning devices. 
  • The HaloRing Scanner is the first wearable device from IPCMobile and has recently just become available. The all-in-one Android device weighs only three ounces, has an OLED display, and allows the user to scan and take action instead of requiring an additional device. Jeff discusses how this scanner is a more natural motion ergonomically for users and frees up both hands to perform tasks. 
  • Jeff shares how IPCMobile began performing point-of-sale receipt printers nearly thirty years ago, which evolved into capturing signatures, collecting mobile payments, and eventually inventory management. In 2009, Infinite Peripherals developed a device for Apple that could scan barcodes, read card payments, had a protective case and battery backup for extended use. Interestingly, Apple found that stores using the easy devices from Infinite sold more accessories and Apple Care through the easy payment solution.  
  • Jeff and Kevin discuss the benefits of leveraging existing technology, such as smartphones, to reduce training and simplify everyday tasks. Jeff shares a story of replacing an antiquated hole punch system with staff having an average tenure of thirty-five years. Replacing a one-hundred-year-old process came with resistance, but at the end of the pilot, none of the participants wanted to return the devices that made their jobs easier. 
  • Jeff explains how the relationships with IPCMobile and its customers provide valuable insights regarding what the customer wants. These insights lead Infinite to take on creating software in addition to hardware devices. He adds that customers want one device for multiple capabilities, such as collecting payments, performing cycle counts, or inventory management.

Listen to the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

For more information on IPCMobile, click here or email them directly at info@ipcmobile.com.

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