EP 138: AutoGuide Mobile ASRS

Episode 138 – AutoGuide Mobile ASRSOn this episode I was joined by the CEO of AutoGuide, Rob Sullivan. Rob was previously on the show on Episode 105 when we connected back at MODEX this year....

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EP 121: Gather AI

Episode 121 – Gather AIOn this episode I was joined by Dr. Sankalp Arora of Gather AI who is their Chief Robotics Engineer. Gather AI is a software only autonomous inventory management platform...

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EP 100: Ware at MODEX

Episode 100 – Ware at MODEXOn this episode I was joined by the CEO of Ware, Ian Smith at MODEX 2020. You may remember Ian from Episode 36 where we first introduced you to Ware. Now we are at episode...

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EP 60: InVia Robotics at MODEX 2020

Episode 60 – InVia Robotics at MODEX 2020On this episode, I am joined by Lior Elazary of InVia Robotics at MODEX 2020. Lior is the CEO and Co-founder of InVia and is a serial entrepreneur developing...

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EP 43: 2019 Year End Recap

Episode 43 – 2019 Year End RecapWith 2019 coming to a close last year and it being the first year for The New Warehouse, this week we take a look at some of my favorite clips from 2019’s...

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EP 36: An Interview with Ian Smith

Episode 36 – Ian Smith of WareOn this episode I was joined by Ian Smith who is the CEO of Ware. Ware is providing the industry with autonomous drones to help support their inventory control efforts....

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