Month: August 2022

Craig Henry of Siemens

Episode 309: Siemens at MODEX 2022

Episode 309: Siemens at MODEX 2022Welcome to the New Warehouse Podcast! In this episode, Kevin is live from MODEX 2022. Craig Henry, U.S. Industry Manager for Intralogistics and Material Handling at...

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Mike Field, CEO of The Raymond Corporation

EP 289: Raymond at MODEX 2022

Episode 289 – Raymond at MODEX 2022In this episode of the New Warehouse, I’m joined by Mike Field, President, and CEO of Raymond Corp. Recently, celebrating 100 years in the industry, Raymond...

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EP 306: Veryable at MODEX 2022

Episode 306 – Veryable at MODEX 2022Coming to you from the booth at MODEX 2022, we welcome Jonathan Katz to this week’s episode of the New Warehouse. Jonathan is the Regional Partnerships Manager...

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EP 305: GMR Safety at MODEX 2022

Episode 305 – GMR Safety at MODEX 2022Joining me from the booth at MODEX 2022 is Jay Jette, President, and CEO of GMR Safety. With a passion for safety, GMR Safety has been protecting people’s...

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EP 304: Schneider Electric

Episode 304 – Schneider ElectricNo matter where your organization finds itself in its sustainability journey, you won’t want to miss this week’s episode of The New Warehouse. Jana Gerber, North...

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EP 303: Instawork

Episode 303 – InstaworkOn this week’s episode we discuss the state of the warehousing labor market with Daniel Altman, Chief Economist at Instawork. Instawork provides a flexible solution...

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