Episode 322: JLT Mobile Computers at MODEX 2022

Episode 322: JLT Mobile Computers at MODEX 2022

Welcome to this week’s episode of The New Warehouse. Kevin’s guest is Glenn Lundgren, US Regional Sales Director for JLT Mobile Computers. JLT is a Swedish company focusing on ruggedized computers for the material handling industry. By designing devices to promote safety and enhance productivity in harsh environments, JLT addresses an immediate need for forklift computers, manufacturing plants, food processing facilities, and more. With a global footprint, JLT is committed to providing reliable products that exceed the needs of its customers. Glenn shares the fantastic new technology built into JLT’s new 6012 series and why it works so well for warehouses.

Key Takeaways

  • Glenn gives Kevin a demonstration of the 6012. The device is ideal for the rough and rugged warehouse environment, with a virtually unbreakable screen that can work with gloves. Sealing the machines to industry standards protects them from dust, water, and humidity. Speakers can often be a point of failure, so JLT uses audio exciters. Glenn explains audio exciters are a solid-state technology designed to enhance the audio experience by providing high performance. Installing solid-state technology throughout the device and reducing moving parts increases the reliability of JLT devices.
  • Although the 6012 series has been around for a couple of years, it is the first series to embrace modular manufacturing technology. This means the device has the same sleek, elegant design but is also easy to upgrade. The modular concept allows you to integrate different modules depending on emerging technology which keeps the product refreshed. Examples of the modular technology concept are embracing the new Intel processor technology or providing a faster bus architecture to support 5G. In addition to extending the lifetime of the hardware, these enhancements can significantly improve wireless capacity, which has historically been a challenge in warehouse environments.
  • Downtime, especially in high-volume warehouses, will result in a negative impact on the bottom line. JLT’s goal is to provide equipment with high uptime, reliability, constant availability, and low failure rates. The warehouse environment varies significantly between industries, from cold storage environments to humidity and excessive heat. JLT has a good bit of experience with the North American market and is looking for solutions to problems like reducing their overall cost or increasing operational efficiencies. 
  • Glenn shares that this year’s attendees are looking for ways to solve the labor shortage, products, and tools that increase efficiency, easy integration, and life-cycle management. He adds that customers want and expect investments to last longer than just a few years. Lastly, MODEX attendees are looking for vendors able to provide continued long-term support.

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