378: The Smart Warehouse with Softeon

378: The Smart Warehouse with SofteonCMO Dan Gilmore and CTO Mark Fralick of Softeon join The New Warehouse from ProMat 2023 to discuss the smart warehouse of the future. Softeon is a supply chain software...

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373: SnapFulfil at ProMat 2023

373: SnapFulfil at ProMat 2023Brian Kirst, Chief Customer Officer, and Smitha Raphael, Chief Product and Delivery Officer at SnapFulfil join The New Warehouse to discuss their product and an exciting...

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Episode 352: Hopstack

Episode 352: HopstackThe New Warehouse welcomes Vivek Singh, Co-Founder of Hopstack, a software platform that automates and optimizes warehouse operations. Vivek founded Hopsack to bridge the gap between...

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Episode 335: New Gen Architects

Episode 335: New Gen ArchitectsIf you want to scale your business or add tools to your warehouse, you will want to tune in to this episode. The New Warehouse welcomes Kimberlee Owens, Principal Architect...

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Episode 330: Hoj Innovations

Episode 330: Hoj InnovationsTim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, joins Kevin on today’s episode of The New Warehouse podcast to discuss everything from micro-fulfillment to how Hoj Innovations can increase...

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