EP 237: Kirk Key Interlock and Supply Chain Safety Issues

Episode 237 – Kirk Key Interlock and Supply Chain Safety Issues

On this episode I was joined by Emily Smith of Kirk Key Interlock Company. Emily is the Segment Marketing Manager for their logistics arm and is focused on increasing awareness around safety in the logistics field. We discuss Kirk Key’s Salvo Door System and safety implications of our current supply chain backlog issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Kirk Key Interlock Company is focused on many different industries but when it comes to their logistics segment they are looking at improving safety at the dock where it all begins.They have created the Salvo Door System which gives you incredible peace of mind ensuring that a trailer will not move when an operator is inside of it. The system works by locking down the air brake on the trailer which other locks can do but this one is much more robust. The lock is then taken and put into a holder by the dock door which triggers a light to come on inside of the building letting operators know that the trailer is safe to enter.
  • As we all know, there are huge supply chain issues that have occurred due to the pandemic and other factors. One of the biggest challenges is the immense backlog that has generated over this time. While there is a large focus on getting the backlog down, Kirk Key and Emily want to ensure that safety does not fall to the side. With massive pressure being put on the supply chain to get these things under control it can be tempting to cut corners and create safety risks. Emily and I discuss some of the safety risks that can occur and how to prevent your company from slipping.
  • With Kirk Key’s focus on safety in the logistics world, I wanted to know what was one of the most common safety issues they have seen. Emily said one that I think is huge, communication. Without proper communication you can become a very unsafe operation. Communication is an absolute key to making sure that not only people know what is going on but are also aware of any potential issues. Emphasizing communication when it comes to safety is a must for all operations. If the communication drops so does your level of safety.

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For more information on Kirk Key Interlock Company head to their site here.

To connect with Emily find her on LinkedIn here.

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