448: ShipPlug – Streamlining Shipping with Data-Driven Solutions

Episode 448 of The New Warehouse Podcast features an engaging conversation with Nick DiNatale, co-founder and CEO of ShipPlug. ShipPlug specializes in providing integrated shipping solutions, simplifying the shipping process for businesses. The episode explores ShipPlug’s innovative approach to combining multiple shipping services into a cohesive, user-friendly platform.

Bridging the Gap in Shipping Data Access

DiNatale compares the challenges faced by large and small shippers. He explains that large enterprises, shipping millions of dollars worth of goods, often have dedicated supply chain teams who analyze data regarding package shipments, costs, and delays. Small shippers, however, struggle with accessing this kind of data due to limited resources. They often resort to guessing shipping costs and sometimes choose not to sell certain products because they can’t work out profitable shipping strategies. DiNatale highlights that accessing and understanding supply chain data is increasingly complex and challenging for all, especially for small shippers lacking resources. He adds, “When we started ShipPlug, our goal was to make data easy to understand.” 

ShipPlug Simplifies the Freight Claim Process through Automation

DiNatale highlights ShipPlug’s role in demystifying and streamlining the freight claim process, particularly for late shipments and damage claims. He notes how the traditional claims process is tedious and often confusing, deterring many shippers, especially smaller ones, from pursuing refunds or understanding their shipping costs. ShipPlug’s software automates this process, enabling shippers to file claims quickly, track late shipments, and receive detailed reasons for delays. This data allows for more informed decisions about carrier performance and helps e-commerce businesses manage the increasingly complex world of shipping costs and demand surcharges.

Unified Carrier Integration and Pricing Transparency with ShipPlug

DiNatale discusses ShipPlug’s ability to integrate various carriers, offering a unified platform for diverse shipping needs. “Providing data, especially around pricing, that’s the true value not only to make the claims process easier but to truly help you understand what they are paying,” he states. While the General Rate Increase (GRI) for carriers averages around 5.9%, DiNatale points out some surcharges go up as high as 17%. Delivery surcharges are becoming so confusing and difficult to manage that they become one of the biggest struggles for shippers. “Having the data to make actionable decisions on the best carrier or carrier mix can make or break a company,” DiNatale emphasizes. He details how ShipPlug’s platform is designed for simplicity, incorporating features like streamlined label printing and address verification. 

Key Takeaways

  • ShipPlug’s integration of multiple carriers simplifies the shipping process for businesses.
  • Focus on user experience and technology enhances the efficiency of shipping operations.
  • Emerging e-commerce trends underscore the importance of versatile, integrated shipping solutions.

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Guest Information

Discover more about ShipPlug by visiting their website or connecting with Nick DiNatale on LinkedIn.

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