466: Outerspace Empowers Brands with Personalized 3PL Services

In this captivating episode of the New Warehouse podcast, we discuss personalized 3PL services with Kate Terry, Chief Commercial Officer at Outerspace. Outerspace is a full-service 3PL specializing in high-touch brands and customer experiences. Outerspace, born from the founders’ frustration with existing 3PL services, has swiftly transitioned into a multi-channel, national powerhouse, prioritizing the brand’s perspective in every operation. Join us as Kate shares invaluable insights into creating memorable shopping experiences that foster business growth. 

From Brand Owners to Logistics Pioneers

As brand owners themselves, Outerspace’s inception story is a testament to turning frustrations into opportunities. After working with a few 3PLs, the founders brought fulfillment in-house. They did it so well other brands came to them and asked them to take over their fulfillment. Kate adds that they decided to make a go of Outerspace with the premise: “We would like to run the operation the way we would want to be treated if we were the brand.” Outerspace’s ability to execute personalization at an unmatched speed exemplifies its commitment to understanding and serving brand needs.

The Art of Personalized 3PL Services

Kate covers the level of detail it takes and why it’s not easy for 3PLs to make personalization a strong suit. “There’s a great deal of specialized knowledge. You have to be able to do that well and have an eye for detail.” By offering services like custom handwritten notes and tissue wrapping and advanced personalization techniques such as embroidery, laser engraving, and UV printing, Outerspace elevates the customer experience. This level of personalized 3PL services helps brands stand out, drives loyalty, and underscores a unique approach to logistics and differentiation.

A Partnership for Growth

Outerspace differentiates itself by viewing its relationship with brands as not a mere transaction but a collaborative partnership aimed at mutual growth. Kate emphasizes this philosophy: “Anything we can do to make their business grow, we will grow.” This mindset of investing in the client’s success ensures Outerspace delivers on core services while contributing to the brand’s expansion. Outerspace’s commitment to acting as an extension of the brand’s team exemplifies a forward-thinking approach that redefines the role of a 3PL provider in today’s competitive market.

Key Takeaways

  • Embracing transparency within logistics can dramatically enhance operational efficiency and build trust across the supply chain.
  • Offering personalized 3PL services transforms customer interactions into unique experiences, setting a brand apart.
  • Adopting a partnership-oriented logistics approach fosters innovation and propels mutual growth.

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Guest Information

For more information on Outerspace, click here.

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