484: Diving into the E-commerce Transaction at Jay Group

For this new episode of the podcast we had the pleasure of being on site and recording on location at Jay Group in Lancaster, PA. Kevin sat down with their President and COO, Blake Dudek as well as Ryan Millman of UnDigital and Akhilesh Srivastava of Fenix Commerce to discuss the end to end e-commerce order and how all of their solutions play a part to improve the customer experience and drive further value for brands.

Giving the Consumer the Information They Need

Consumers are constantly buying products online creating tons of data points but consumers desire to have as much information as possible to make their buying decisions easier. Fenix Commerce aims to capture this data and allow brands to leverage to help give these consumers the information they need. In the episode, Akhilesh discusses one example where the consumer is able to know exactly when to expect their package to arrive and they can get that information as early as on the Google search results page. Now, they have created value for the consumer at one of the earliest points. The data is being captured but then also flowing through the entire transaction feeding off of Jay Group’s shipping capabilities. This becomes your digital retail clerk and gives extra touch points for the consumer during the e-commerce transaction.

Getting the Order to the Consumer

When it comes to the physical process of getting the product to the customer, Jay Group steps in and handles the fulfillment process. With a long standing history of servicing customers for multiple generations they have built an outstanding fulfilment business that has its roots in promotional items. Fun fact, Blake’s Grandfather Jay started the company and was the one who came up with the idea for Crown Royal bag. Focused on the customer experience, it is apparent that they are constantly looking to improve and provide additional value to their clients and their client’s customers. Part of that is partnering with smart technologies like Fenix Commerce and UnDigital to make that transaction a better experience for everyone involved.

Creating a Personalized Unboxing Experience

With more consumers focusing on online transactions and not going into physical stores, brands need to find a way to still give their customers a personalized shopping experience. They have the experience on their website but what happens when they get their product? In some cases, it may just be a product thrown into a plain brown box but some brands are upping that experience by making sure it is an actual experience and not something forgettable. UnDigital is providing a very personal and customized solution to help with this experience. Based on data known about this consumer and their buying habits they are able to provide customized labels, offers and inserts into each individual package. From an operations perspective, the customized marketing material automatically comes out with the order so there is no manual intervention needed on the fulfillment providers side.

Key Takeaways

  • E-commerce shopping is going nowhere but consumers are still desiring a great experience. They want to know when they will get their order and they want to still have a great experience like they were going to the store to make a purchase.
  • Tools can help you to drive value for all parties involved. In this discussion, all three solution providers are strong on their own but when they come together they can really elevate the overall consumer experience in a smart and cost-effective way.
  • A small cost per order can be an investment in immense long term value. As you look at different tools and solutions to help provide more value to your customers, the cost may come into play but for small additional costs per order you can be creating a ton of long term value. Retaining a customer for the long term is much better then losing them from a bad experience.

Listen to the episode and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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