EP87: Ideal Warehouse Innovations at MODEX

Episode 87 – Ideal Warehouse Innovations at MODEX

On this episode, I met with Dirk Seis who is the Director of Marketing at Ideal Warehouse Innovations. We met at MODEX in The New Warehouse booth to discuss their new trailer stand innovations and other safety offerings.

Key Takeaways

  • Ideal Warehouse Innovations’ slogan is “Protecting Your People” and they provide over 1,000 skus to ensure that your facility is safe all the way from your yard to the inside of your building around your racking. As their name suggests they have personally come up with many innovative and patented products to ensure safety in your facility.
  • Dirk goes into detail in this episode on just what exactly is a trailer stand for those that are not familiar. This is a very important safety device that can help to prevent a serious accident. What can potentially happen when a trailer is docked and the truck has pulled away is the landing gear can fail causing the trailer to tip. As you can imagine if someone is in the area outside it can be a high risk for injury and an even higher risk for injury if someone is inside the trailer whether on foot or on forklift. The trailer stand keeps the trailer from tipping in case the landing gear fails.
  • Ideal’s trailer stands have no lifting capacity and are easily placed under the nose of the trailer to ensure safety if something fails. Their new auto stand wide covers a wider area on the trailer than the industry standard. This helps to cover side to side movement of forklifts inside the trailer as weight is being shifted from left to right.
  • The second innovation that Dirk discusses is the shuntable trailer stand. This is a touch-less solution for a trailer stand. It is designed so that a shunt truck can pick up the stand and place it underneath the trailer. With this design there is no need for a human to be in the yard which reduces the risk of safety incidents greatly.

Listen to our interview or watch it below. You can also see a demonstration of how easy the trail stand is to use.

For more information on Ideal Warehouse Innovations head to their website here.

To connect with Dirk find him on LinkedIn here.

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