EP 101: Arrive Logistics

Episode 101 – Arrive Logistics

On this episode I was joined by Darlene Wolf who is the Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts at Arrive Logistics. Arrive Logistics is a modern third party transportation provider for shippers and carriers. Darlene and I discuss Arrive’s differentiator, COVID’s impact on transportation and how Arrive is helping companies to keep moving.

Key Takeaways

  • Headquartered in Austin, TX, Arrive Logistics is a modern third party transportation provider that focuses on technology to help ensure a carrier network that is strong and efficient for shippers. Taking a different approach is what sets them a part in the industry and allows for a better customer experience.
  • With so many transportation companies in the industry, it is important to have something that differentiates you. Darlene heads up the strategic partners division which is built up of former shippers. By doing this they have brought the voice of the customer internally and also a group of individuals who would understand what shippers need or have issues with. This can be very beneficial to shippers as it helps them to get what they want out of a transportation company and can help to avoid mistakes that someone with no shipping experience might make.
  • Arrive Logistics also has a specialized division called Arrive Fresh which handles special loads that need different care like fresh food. Darlene has an extensive background within the food industry prior to her arrival at Arrive. She discusses how the industry has changed due to COVID and what impacts companies have seen. Darlene also talks about some of the things that led up to the impacts being felt and how companies are now making changes to reduce those impacts.
  • One of the biggest things that has happened in the world during the pandemic is the constant changes in restrictions and rules. In the episode we talk about how shippers have changed protocols for drivers and visitors to their facilities. Due to this we discuss how the importance of having close relationships with shippers has become for Arrive so they can ensure their drivers are following proper protocol. Darlene highlights how important constant communication is in this time and how her team is able to stay on top of the constantly changing environment.

Take a listen to the episode below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For more information on Arrive Logistics find their website here.

To connect with Darlene find her on LinkedIn here.

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