EP 134: Kinetic Eye

Episode 134 – Kinetic Eye

On this episode I was joined by Josh Butler of Kinetic Eye. He is the Founder and CEO at Kinetic Eye, a safety platform that automates your safety monitoring and increases the prevention of safety incidents. Josh and I discuss how Kinetic Eye works, where the idea came from and how it can help to increase safety measures in your facility.

Key Takeaways

  • Kinetic Eye is next level when it comes to safety. Their platform automates your safety monitoring by utilizing your existing security camera infrastructure and adds computer vision to monitor the actions that are being taken within the camera’s eye. By doing this, the platform is able to determine when a safety incident occurs or when one is about to potentially occur. When it detects this it alerts you through the platform and directly to your inbox so you can take action immediately. With the increase in facility sizes it is impossible to have eyes all over the place and Kinetic Eye allows you to increase your vision from a safety perspective.
  • So where did this idea come from? Josh is a former student of computer vision and also worked for Nio, an electric car company, implementing computer vision to help their cars from getting in accidents. As Josh and his co-workers started to realize from insurance companies that the utilization of computer vision will at some point eliminate accidents, they started to think about how this technology could be applied in different industries. That is where the idea for Kinetic Eye came from and it is a great application because there are so many potential safety issues in our industry.
  • I personally love the concept of Kinetic Eye and think it has great potential to really make an impact on safety in distribution centers. It provides you with so much more insight into what is actually happening in your facility. From my experience, there are so many things that happen that go unreported which reduces your chances to root cause and put prevention measures in place. With Kinetic Eye’s platform you are provided with not only additional eyes but also other tools to utilize like heat maps, statistics and further insights to help you make your safety culture robust and effective.

Listen to the episode below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For more information on Kinetic Eye head to their website here.

To connect with Josh on LinkedIn find him here.


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