EP 186: Raymond at ProMatDX

Episode 186 – Raymond at ProMatDX

On this episode I was joined by John Slavik of Raymond. John is the Senior Sales Manger for Intelligent Warehouse Solutions at Raymond and we were able to connect at ProMatDX to discuss their new Courier 3220 Automated Tow Tractor as well as Pick2Pallet LED Light System. I have Raymond on the show a few times and they certainly keep evolving to have new innovations to discuss.

Key Takeaways

  • The Courier 3220 is the latest in Raymond’s Courier series which is a series of automated tow tractors for warehousing. This model increases the payload to 15,000 pounds and becomes the bigger brother to the 3020. It also focuses on having the ability to navigate ramps as customers were previously having an issue with that John explains. The setup is fairly quick with about a week to implement. Utilizing the vision system for setup it is very easy to get things going. As John explains, you simply drive the tow tractor around the warehouse and as you do that it learns how to navigate within the area.
  • The other solution I was interested to learn about was the Pick2Pallet LED Light System that Raymond offers. This takes the concept of a pick to light system and adds the pallet jack to the equation. Instead of the lights being on a wall or some other type of area to pick from, the lights are actually built into the pallet jack. John explains how the solution works and integrates with your WMS and voice picking interface. As you are picking and you are telling the system that you have made the pick the trigger will then go for the correct light to light up underneath the pallet that pick needs to be placed on. It is a very simple solution but one that can brings more productivity to the workforce and better quality too the company.

Listen to the episode below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

For more information on Raymond head to their site here.

To connect with John find him on LinkedIn here.

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