EP 188: Panasonic at ProMatDX

Episode 188 – Panasonic at ProMatDX

On this episode I was joined by Jim Dempsey of Panasonic. Jim is the Director US Business Development and Partnerships at Panasonic North America specifically focusing on their mobility solutions. Jim and I connected at ProMatDX to discuss some of their latest technologies in the warehousing space, their projection sortation system and what future problems they are trying to solve.

Key Takeaways

  • Panasonic is certainly a well known technology company throughout the world and as Jim states they are certainly known for blu-ray players and CD players but he actually says that their B2B business is actually the largest percentage of their business. We talk about the impact that the pandemic has had on the overall demand in the omnichannel space and how Panasonic is helping companies keep up. Jim discusses how they are really focusing on the smart edge and where the transactions are really happening. They enable the smart edge by providing devices that allow you to be mobile like their TOUGHBOOK series and also helping to ensure that these companies are secure from a network standpoint.
  • We also dive into the increased visibility into environmental impacts in the supply chain. With the adoption and increased accessibility to artificial intelligence and machine learning there is so much more that can be predicted and prevented. Jim gives some great examples of how a supply chain can feel a ripple effect that they may not be prepared for. One of the best examples is of a social media influencer posting about a product and it goes viral or gets a lot of great feedback causing a spike in demand for that item. Jim tells us how some technology out there can actually pick up on this so you can get your supply chain ahead and be able to meet the demand.
  • When looking at Panasonic’s ProMatDX showcase their Visual Sort Assist solution really caught my attention. They had a customer who was experiencing difficulty with their sortation process and having new hires struggling to remember zip codes and other sortation criteria. What they came up with was a combination of scanning and projection. The system picks up on the label of the box and is then able to project an image on top of the box which indicates to the employee which boxes to grab. It is a really cool solution and a great visual management tool.

Listen to the episode below and let us know if you’re still using a brick on a stick in the comments.

For more information on Panasonic North America head to their site here.

To connect with Jim find him on LinkedIn here.

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