EP 200: Getsett

Episode 200 – Getsett

On this episode (the 200th!!!) I was joined by Getsett Founder and CEO, Deema Adada. Deema comes from the freight world and saw a problem with scheduling at the docks so she set out to solve that problem with Getsett. We discuss her background, self driving trucks, Getsett’s mission and how Getsett combats dwell time.

Key Takeaways

  • Deema has an extensive background in freight coming from the carrier side. She started out helping Coyote Logistics grow their business and then moved on to Uber Freight where she was able to get some exposure to the next big frontier in trucking, self driving trucks. We have an interesting discussion about self driving trucks and where the industry is really heading in that aspect. Deema believes that it is not too far off and from her exposure the one big hurdle is the variation in regulations from state to state. Since self driving trucks will handle a lot of long hauls they need to go interstate but right now the regulations are preventing that. As regulations become more adapted to this technology we will see a great interest from individuals to become “pilots” of these trucks and really elevate the position for some.
  • Through Deema’s experience in the freight industry she noticed one big issue, scheduling. She noticed that there were many inefficiencies and wasted time when appointments were either early or late. From our discussion, there is no easy way to be flexible when these incidences occur and they occur often. With Getsett she is aiming to make scheduling appointments at the dock seamless and to handle all of the exceptions that come their way. This is beneficial to both the shipper and the carrier as it will reduce wasted time, confusion and save money for all involved.
  • For Getsett, dwell time is the enemy and Deema is on a mission to help reduce it. Deema gives a great definition of dwell time which is basically any time that the trucker is waiting at the shipper to be unloaded. While there is usually a given window of time when an appointment is given for unloading, oftentimes a trucker will show up earlier than their appointment hoping to get unloaded but the shipper cannot handle it and the trucker ends up sitting and waiting. With Getsett the shipper will be able to know that the driver is ahead of schedule and alert them whether they can come or they should take care of something else in the meantime.

Listen to the episode below and leave your scheduling frustrations in the comments.

For more information on Getsett head to their website here.

To connect with Deema find her on LinkedIn here.

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