EP 243: Uncommon Keys from Softeon

Episode 243 – Uncommon Keys from Softeon

On this episode I was joined by Dan Gilmore who is the CMO at Softeon. Dan was previously on the podcast to talk about Softeon and their different capabilities. This time around we discuss a new white paper they released called “The 7 Uncommon Keys to WMS Success”.

Key Takeaways

  • Dan is quick to admit even though he is in the WMS business with Softeon, implementing these systems as well as others is never an easy undertaking due to the complexity and the amount of change that is taking place. In order to properly complete one of these projects it is important to establish and follow certain guidelines so that everything goes smoothly. Knowing this from multiple projects, Softeon put together this white paper to help people understand some of the most uncommon keys that are often overlooked or not taken seriously enough.
  • One of the keys that Dan shares is ensuring that you have the right team in place for your WMS project. I have seen this be an issue in the past and when the right stakeholders are not involved things get missed or uninformed decisions are made. As Dan points out, while senior level individuals should be involved, it is incredibly important to involve those who are interacting with the system as well to give their input into how they see the system functioning based on their existing processes. Without this feedback you can potentially make a very poor decision that would make a process worse instead of improving it.
  • Another key that we spoke about was creating a reasonable and proper timeline for the project. While this seems like common sense, many times there is often not enough thought put into how long one specific action item or task will take. When planning the project you want to ensure that nothing gets rushed and that there is enough time allotted to properly test and setup the system. Dan points out that it is always good to build in a few extra weeks to the timeline because inevitably something will go off schedule and the pressure will be reduced to launch on go live date.

Listen to the episode below and leave your project tips in the comments.

For more information on Softeon head to their site here.

Find the white paper here.

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