442: Green Cubes Technology – A Decade of Advancing Lithium-Ion Power in Warehousing

In episode 442 of The New Warehouse podcast, Kevin talks with Michael Walsh, CEO of Green Cubes Technology. The company, a leading provider of electrification solutions for the past thirty-five years, is celebrating the tenth anniversary of its SAFEFlex battery. Green Cubes Technology has successfully deployed over 10,000 SAFEFlex batteries, significantly supporting the warehousing and material handling industry. Walsh shares insights into the company’s journey, the impact of lithium-ion technology, and future trends.

Transforming Warehousing with Lithium-Ion Technology

Michael Walsh reflects on Green Cubes Technology’s ten years of manufacturing lithium-ion systems for warehousing. “We’re now in the aftermarket model where customers say, ‘Hey, great, they’re still cooking. They’re still doing well,'” Walsh notes, highlighting the batteries’ longevity and performance.

Total Cost of Ownership: A Key Driver for Lithium-Ion Adoption

Walsh emphasizes the importance of total cost of ownership (TCO) in driving the adoption of lithium-ion technology. “The only reason it takes off is the total cost of ownership. We have the proof points; you’re seeing batteries last longer and have fewer maintenance cycles,” he explains, illustrating lithium-ion batteries’ financial and operational benefits in warehousing.

Lithium-Ion Batteries in Material Handling: Lessons Learned

Reflecting on a decade in the business, Walsh shares learnings and the performance of their batteries. “Every site is different. Every application is different. The faster we lean into saying exactly what you have for your charging infrastructure, your electrical infrastructure, the better,” he says, emphasizing the importance of understanding customer needs and site specifics.

Key Takeaways

  • Durability and Longevity: Green Cubes’ lithium-ion technology has proven its durability and longevity in warehousing operations.
  • Focus on TCO: The adoption of lithium-ion is largely driven by its lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional power solutions.
  • Customized Solutions: Understanding the unique needs of each site and customer has been crucial for Green Cubes in delivering effective lithium-ion solutions.

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Guest Information

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