470: Perpetual Power in Warehousing with CaPow

Today’s episode of The New Warehouse Podcast features Dr. Mor Peretz, CEO of CaPow. CaPow, short for capacitive power, is transforming charging and power delivery technologies for the warehouse industry. CaPow aims to solve operational efficiency problems within warehouses, focusing on the energy issues that hinder productivity. Dr. Peretz shares insights into the inception of CaPow, its core technology, and how it promises to redefine energy solutions for automated systems and vehicles in warehousing.

Understanding Perpetual Power: A Game-Changer for Warehousing

Perpetual power, as Dr. Peretz explains, is the ability to provide power to vehicles, robots, and machines while they are in motion, contrasting the traditional stationary charging methods. This innovative approach allows for the downsizing or completely eliminating onboard batteries, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable operations. “So in the tagline perpetual power, what we’re trying to convey is the fact that we’re supporting power for vehicles, robots, machines while they’re on the ground…able to support the delivery of power or energy while in motion,” Dr. Peretz notes, highlighting the flexibility and efficiency it brings to warehouse operations.

Why Perpetual Power Matters in Warehousing

The introduction of perpetual power significantly impacts the warehousing industry by minimizing downtime associated with charging, thus enhancing operational efficiency. Dr. Peretz elaborates on the substantial time savings and operational improvements, stating, “Now what we’re after is finding the best way to have the robots work 100 percent of the fleet would work 100 percent of the time without compromise…taking the energy issue out of the equation.”

The Impact of Perpetual Power on Warehouse Efficiency

The adoption of perpetual power technology by CaPow leads to a noticeable reduction in the fleet size required for operations due to decreased downtime. Dr. Peretz shares insights from over 100 discovery talks with customers, revealing a potential efficiency increase of 20-35%, depending on various factors such as cluster size and work-to-charge ratios. “We can quantify the benefit of CaPow anywhere from 20 percent to 35 percent… in some cases even more,” he asserts, emphasizing the direct correlation between CaPow’s technology and improved operational metrics.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits of Perpetual Power

CaPow’s technology not only boosts efficiency but also offers significant environmental benefits by reducing reliance on lithium-ion batteries, known for their sustainability challenges. Dr. Peretz discusses a research project estimating a reduction of 55.0 megatons of CO2 equivalent by 2027 due to CaPow’s interventions. “We end up that in 2027 we would save 55.0 megatons of CO2 equivalent…by 2050 we will be way beyond one gigaton,” he explains, underscoring CaPow’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Key Takeaways

  • CaPow’s perpetual power technology enables continuous energy delivery to warehouse robots and vehicles, eliminating the need for stationary charging.
  • Adopting this technology can lead to significant operational efficiency improvements, with potential savings of 20-35% in fleet operational costs.
  • Beyond operational benefits, CaPow’s solution contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the dependency on lithium-ion batteries and minimizing CO2 emissions.

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Guest Information

To connect with Dr. Mor Peretz on LinkedIn, click here

To learn more about CaPow’s innovative solutions, visit their website at CaPow.energy.

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  • My favorite quote of the episode:

    “This is a super super growing field and market and every day there is an introduction of an additional layer of automation that really makes the warehouse a very cool place to be.”

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