454: Innovating Asset Management in Warehousing with Traka

In the latest episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Brian Davidson, Regional Sales Manager at Traka Americas, joins the show to discuss asset management in Warehousing. Traka Americas, a part of the Assa Abloy Group, specializes in asset storage and management solutions, mainly focusing on key and equipment management in various industries. This episode delves into how Traka’s innovative solutions address common pain points in warehouse operations and asset management.

The Growing Need for Asset Management in Warehousing

Davidson outlines the journey of Traka Americas, beginning with a software solution for a major airline in the early ’90s and evolving into a key and asset management company. Their initial focus on key management for fleet vehicles expanded over time, introducing locker management in 2007 to accommodate growing demands for diverse asset control, like managing radios. Davidson emphasizes, “The product continuously evolved, and as devices became more and more prevalent, now device management. Facilities are growing larger and larger, placing these scanners and keys in a place easily accessible within a facility has proven very valuable for many organizations.”

Asset Management Accountability in Warehousing

Davidson discusses Traka’s significant impact in the warehouse sector, especially in managing forklift keys and device management. He highlights the importance of placing devices and keys strategically within facilities for accessibility and efficiency. Davidson explains, “Our system enforces the process that employees need to follow, ensuring instant accountability and efficiency.”

Curfew Feature and Fault Logging for Improved Management

Traka’s system includes a ‘curfew feature’ for timely asset return and a ‘fault logging’ feature allowing users to report issues with equipment. Davidson explains, “If someone hasn’t returned their device, an email alert is sent out to their manager within a minute of the item going past curfew.” 

Access schedules in Traka’s system offer a critical feature for enhancing security and compliance within warehouse operations. They enable administrators to restrict vehicle or equipment use outside business hours, ensuring assets are only accessed during designated times. 

Traka’s fault logging feature offers a practical solution for recording and managing equipment issues. Upon returning an item, users can log any faults they encounter, such as a flat tire on a vehicle or a cracked screen on a scanner. These features prevent loss of productivity and ensure timely repair and maintenance of equipment. Davidson notes, “It helps ensure that these items are being returned within a designated timeframe.”

Key Takeaways

  • Traka Americas has evolved from software solutions to comprehensive key and asset management in warehousing.
  • Their systems improve efficiency and accountability in warehouse operations.
  • Innovative features like curfew alerts and fault logging enhance equipment management.

Listen to the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Guest Information

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