461: HeroWear Exosuits Enhance Warehouse Safety and Productivity

Welcome to the latest episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, where we sit down with Mark Harris, the visionary CEO and Co-founder of HeroWear. This episode takes us on a deep dive into HeroWear’s groundbreaking exosuit technology, designed to empower workers by minimizing injury risks and amplifying productivity. We explore the inception of HeroWear, the transformative impact of their suits in the logistics industry, and a revealing study that underscores the significant benefits of adopting this technology.

Innovating Exosuits for Worker Well-being

Mark shares the compelling origin story of HeroWear, rooted in the everyday experience of co-founder Carl’s struggle with back pain from carrying his young children. Carl wondered, “How is this 20-pound person destroying my back?” sparking a quest into the biomechanics of back pain and the genesis of HeroWear’s exo suits. This personal inquiry led to developing a low-profile, lightweight suit designed to offload back strain and reduce injury risk. He discusses how HeroWear’s technology can mitigate the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, a common concern in physically demanding jobs. The narrative extends beyond invention, delving into HeroWear’s dedication to enhancing workers’ lives on and off the job through innovative wearables.

A Groundbreaking Study on Exosuit Productivity

In a recent productivity study, HeroWear’s exo suits boosted productivity by 8% and reduced the effort required for tasks by 39%. Mark adds, “This study validates our technology’s impact on reducing injury risk and highlights its role in driving productivity.” He emphasizes the dual benefits of their suits: safeguarding workers’ health and bolstering operational efficiency, making a solid case for integrating exo technology in the workplace.

Exosuits are Where Safety Meets Productivity

As HeroWear gears up for an expansive future, Mark Harris outlines their strategic steps toward normalizing exo-suit technology in the workplace. “We’re building out our infrastructure and expanding into more facilities, which includes enhancing our manufacturing capacity and moving to a larger space for pick, pack, and fulfillment,” Harris shares. 

HeroWear is also diving deeper into productivity studies through partnerships that share data to validate the long-term benefits of their technology. “It’s about proving over time the dual benefits of safety and productivity gains,” Harris explains, emphasizing the importance of tangible evidence to support their mission.

Looking to the future, Harris draws an analogy with the evolution of power tools, predicting a similar trajectory for exosuits. Just as power tools transitioned from a niche B2B technology to a ubiquitous household item, HeroWear envisions a world where exo suits are a standard tool for physical tasks, reducing strain and enhancing efficiency. 

Key Takeaways

  • HeroWear’s exo suits are at the forefront of enhancing worker safety and productivity.
  • Recent studies confirm the significant positive impact of exo technology in the workplace.
  • HeroWear is shaping a future where technology and human well-being coalesce to redefine labor.

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Guest Information

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