488: Taking a Collaborative Approach with Rocrich AGV Solutions

Today’s episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, welcomes Carson Menke, Regional Sales Manager, and Brian Markison, Director of Sales, from Rocrich AGV Solutions. The episode delves into the unique collaboration between Jungheinrich and Rocla in North America, the extensive automation solutions offered by Rocrich, and the broader implications of automation in the warehousing industry. Be sure to tune to hear Carson and Brian share their expertise on the evolution and future of warehouse automation.

Rocrich AGV Solutions: Bridging Proven Brands

Rocrich AGV Solutions stands out by combining the strengths of two established brands, Jungheinrich and Rocla. Carson explains, “Rocrich is the North American sales implementation and engineering of those two product lines.” He adds, “any challenge that approaches us that a customer may be having, we can put them first and really provide a solution that works for them.” This strategic combination allows Rocrich to offer a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet diverse customer needs. Brian Markison adds, “It allows us to blend those and handle more use cases and a single source from that perspective.” By leveraging the robust capabilities of both brands, Rocrich provides flexible and scalable automation solutions.

Tailored Automation Solutions for Varied Challenges

Rather than focusing solely on product specifications, Rocrich adopts a solutions-oriented approach to automation. Carson emphasizes, “When you’re looking at AGVs, it’s a little bit different. You wanna look at it from a solutions approach.” This means understanding the specific challenges faced by customers and providing customized solutions. Rocrich’s offerings range from standardized AGVs based on existing forklift models to more specialized units for niche applications. As Carson explains, “We have a very large offering under the two brands,” ensuring that they can meet the unique needs of each customer.

Efficiency and Safety in Warehousing

The discussion highlights the critical role of automation in addressing labor shortages and improving operational efficiency. Brian notes, “One of the biggest challenges that warehouses are facing today is just having enough labor on staff.” Automation not only helps mitigate labor shortages but also enhances safety and reduces costs. Carson adds, “Efficiency and dependability are big reasons why people are moving towards automation.” By automating repetitive and dangerous tasks, warehouses can improve safety and productivity, allowing human workers to focus on more value-added activities.

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Brand Combination: Rocrich leverages the strengths of Jungheinrich and Rocla to offer comprehensive automation solutions.
  • Solutions-Oriented Approach: Focus on addressing specific customer challenges rather than just product specifications.
  • Labor and Efficiency Benefits: Automation helps mitigate labor shortages, improve safety, and enhance operational efficiency.

Listen to the episode and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Guest Information

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