439: Innovative AGV and AMR Solutions from JLC Robotics

In this Pre-Thanksgiving episode of The New Warehouse podcast, we welcome Jamie Callihan and Phil Denton from JLC Robotics. Jamie is the President, and Phil is the Channel Sales Manager at JLC Robotics, a company at the forefront of robotic innovations in the warehousing and manufacturing sectors. Tune in as the guests from JLC Robotics highlight their unique contributions to warehouse automation, featuring Thouzer, a robotic cart with an API, and CaPow, an innovative solution providing perpetual power to AMRs and AGVs. This episode is a treasure trove of insights for anyone interested in the intersection of robotics and warehouse management.

JLC Robotics’ Unique AGV and AMR Solutions: Thouzer and Capow

Callihan explains the company’s evolution from JLC Industrial to JLC Robotics, emphasizing their shift towards innovative solutions in robotics. Their products, such as Thouzer and CaPow, are designed to enhance efficiency in material handling and quality control in manufacturing, particularly in the automotive sector. 

Thouzer is a robotic cart designed for simplicity and efficiency in A to B movement. CaPow offers a perpetual power solution for mobile robots, aiming to reduce downtime due to charging. These products highlight JLC Robotics’ commitment to providing practical, user-friendly solutions to common challenges in warehouse operations. 

Deciphering the Difference Between an AGV and AMR

Denton explains, “AGVs always follow a predefined fixed path and will not make independent decisions. On the other hand, AMRs, which are more intelligent, can reroute around obstructions, constantly finding the shortest path from A to B.”

Denton highlights the current market trends and the future trajectory of these technologies. “There’s still double-digit demand growth for both AGVs and AMRs,” he states, acknowledging the ongoing relevance of both systems in the industry. However, he points out the increasing edge of AMRs, noting, “As the AMR software collectively gets better and better, the setup time will be less and less. The intelligence is going to grow and grow. They’re going to get smarter and smarter and require less setup, less programming, less maintenance.” The evolving capabilities of AMRs suggest a gradual shift in the industry’s preference towards these more autonomous and flexible solutions despite the sustained significance of AGVs in specific applications.

The Challenges and Opportunities in the AGV and AMR Market

Denton emphasizes the growing necessity of automation in warehouses, noting that nearly every facility they visit prominently advertises hiring needs. This trend underscores how companies increasingly turn to automation for efficiency and to meet production demands amid labor shortages. Tradeshows, in particular, provide an overwhelming number of choices available to customers, making it difficult to differentiate between robotic solutions. Denton emphasizes the need for custom solutions in a market flooded with options, shedding light on the importance of understanding specific client requirements and the AGV communication standard, VDA 5050.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Shift in Robotics: JLC Robotics’ transition from industrial solutions to cutting-edge robotics signifies a broader shift in warehouse automation towards more sophisticated and efficient technologies.
  • Navigating Market Complexities: The discussion on the AMR and AGV market challenges sheds light on the importance of custom solutions and the need to understand varied customer requirements.
  • Unique Product Offerings: Introducing products like Thouzer and CaPow illustrates JLC Robotics’ commitment to addressing specific operational challenges in warehousing through innovative technology.

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