497: Scaling New Heights with Plus One Robotics

In the latest episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Kevin chats with Erik Nieves, CEO of Plus One Robotics. The company, known for integrating advanced robotics into warehouse operations, recently surpassed a significant milestone of one billion picks, marking a major achievement in warehouse automation. Tune in and hear how Plus One Robotics is addressing labor shortages and enhancing warehouse operations with its groundbreaking robotics and AI technology. 

Bridging the Technology Gap in Warehouses 

Erik Nieves founded Plus One Robotics to address a crucial gap in warehouse automation. He notes, “The warehouse was going to be the next major vertical to adopt industrial robotics at scale.” Despite the potential, Erik cites a technological gap in vision software and grasping capabilities hindered widespread adoption. Plus One Robotics focuses on solving this problem by developing advanced perception software, enabling robots to handle the variability inherent in warehouse operations. “It’s not a robot arm problem. It’s a perception and grasping problem,” Nieves emphasizes, highlighting the company’s innovative approach.

Adapting to Labor Shortages with AI and Robotics 

The labor shortage in logistics is a pressing issue, and Plus One Robotics leverages AI and robotics to mitigate this challenge. Nieves advises warehouse operators, “If you can get the labor you need to meet your volumes and your cutoff windows, please do. Because there is no more flexible, adaptable resource than people.” However, when labor is scarce, automation becomes essential. Erik introduces new solutions from Plus One Robotics, including the InductOne system and depalletizing solution, which were built to enhance throughput and efficiency. 

The Human Touch in AI-Driven Automation 

Despite advancements in AI, Nieves underscores the importance of human intervention in maintaining system reliability. Plus One Robotics employs a “human-in-the-loop” approach, where remote supervision ensures minimal downtime. “The interval from the time it said, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing,’ till it’s running again is always under 10 seconds,” Nieves explains. This approach not only boosts system uptime but also alleviates concerns of complete reliance on AI, making automation more acceptable to warehouse operators.

Key Takeaways from Plus One Robotics

  • Plus One Robotics is addressing crucial gaps in warehouse automation with a focus on vision software and grasping technologies.
  • Achieving over one billion picks demonstrates their technology’s effectiveness and scalability.
  • The potential for robotic automation in logistics continues to grow, promising significant advancements in efficiency and capability.

Listen to the episode and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Guest Information

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