EP 162: The Vecna Silverback

Episode 162 - The Vecna Silverback On this episode I was joined by the Senior Vice President of Sales at Vecna Robotics, Jeff Huerta. Vecna has been on the show a few times and I even got the chance to do a site visit with them in Massachusetts. Definitely enjoy the solutions that they are putting out and also the work they do to keep the robotics world collaborative so I was happy to hear that they recently launched a new product called the Silverback. Jeff and I discuss the Silverback, why this was next in line for

EP 161: ProMatDx is Coming!

Episode 161 - ProMatDX is Coming! On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Daniel McKinnon who is the Executive Vice President of Exhibitions and Events at MHI the host of ProMatDX this year. You may or may not know that MHI is the great organization that puts on both Modex and ProMat which are some of the largest tradeshows in our industry and now due to the pandemic they will be taking ProMat virtual with a new experience called ProMatDX. Daniel and I discuss what ProMatDX is, what it will be like and some of

EP 160: ABCO Systems

Episode 160 - ABCO Systems On this episode I was joined by the Owner and CEO of ABCO Systems, Seth Weisberg. ABCO Systems is a solution provider for the material handling industry providing many different solutions with a main focus on racking. Seth and I discuss the evolution of ABCO, racking basics, racking selection and how warehouse layouts have changed with newer automation. Key Takeaways ABCO has a very similar story to DCL Logistics who were featured on a recent episode as well. They both have evolved over time to meet their customers changing demands and they also

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EP 159: Fulfilld

Episode 159 - Fulfilld On this episode I was joined by the Co-Founder & CTO of Fulfilld, Michael Pytel. Fulfilld is a new warehouse management system that takes a location based approach that helps to manage your warehouse more thoughtfully. Michael and I discuss how the idea of Fulfilld started, the platform itself and some of the cutting edge technology they are utilizing to make it happen. Key Takeaways Michael started Fulfilld with his partner Yosh who he had worked with at a previous company. The idea came from seeing that current WMS's were not meeting all the

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EP 158: From No-Bot to Robot with Bricz

Episode 158 - From No-Bot to Robot with Bricz On this episode I was joined by the Warehouse Robotics Practice Leader at Bricz, Parth Pethani. Bricz is a global supply chain solutions provider that helps companies build out a robust supply chain. Parth and I discuss Bricz, robot implementation and how to start to introduce robotics into your operation. Key Takeaways As you might have heard in several of our podcast episodes throughout the pandemic, many companies are moving towards robotics as an answer to deal with new safety protocols and keep up with spikes in eCommerce demand.

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EP 157: DCL Logistics

Episode 157 - DCL Logistics On this episode I was joined by the President of DCL Logistics, Dave Tu. DCL Logistics is a 3PL that has a 40 year history of evolving and adapting to keep up with the ever changing distribution environment. Dave and I discuss the history of DCL, what they do, their proprietary software and how they utilize Universal Robots. Key Takeaways The story and history behind DCL Logistics is really inspiring and one that helps you learn the importance of being able to adapt your business to a changing landscape. Originally started as a

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