371: E-Commerce Shipping with Aaron Hodes

371: E-Commerce Shipping with Aaron Hodes In this episode of The New Warehouse, Kevin interviews Aaron Hodes, an enterprise account executive at ShipBob. ShipBob is a tech-enabled third-party logistics provider specializing in logistics and fulfillment services to small and medium-sized e-commerce brands. The company's proprietary technology stack powers its network of warehouses worldwide, allowing them to offer fast and cost-effective fulfillment services. Aaron and Kevin discuss what to look for in a 3PL, upcoming challenges, and the importance of inventory accuracy for e-commerce brands.  What’s Happening in E-Commerce? Aaron says the pandemic has highlighted the importance of supply

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370: Intralogistics Solutions from Addverb

370: Intralogistics Solutions from Addverb Mark Messina, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer for Addverb Americas joins Kevin live from Manifest 2023. Adverb Technologies is a multinational company based in Delhi, India, with offices in Singapore, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, and the US. Kevin and Mark discuss the wide array of intralogistics solutions manufactured by Addverb to support their vision to enhance how material flows.  A Complete Intralogistics Solution Addverb boasts a diverse range of hardware and software offerings, including a warehouse management system (WMS), warehouse control system (WCS), and more. On the hardware side, Addverb offers automated guided

369: Sustainable Packaging with Arka

369: Sustainable Packaging with Arka Phillip Akhzar, Founder of Arka, joins The New Warehouse to discuss customizable sustainable packaging. Arka is an e-commerce platform and automated package replenishment solution that helps businesses streamline the supply chain process by providing efficient and eco-friendly packaging. Kevin and Phillip's discussion delves into the unique atmosphere at Manifest, which encourages individuals to connect in meaningful ways. They also discuss the many challenges businesses face regarding packaging and the potential to drive cost savings and reduce environmental impact.  Custom Sustainable Packaging Solutions for eCommerce Brands and 3PLs Inspired by the challenge of innovating

368: Heft IQ Helps Brands Solve Logistics

368: Heft IQ Helps Brands Solve Logistics Heft IQ is a supply chain optimization and visibility platform developed by Learie Hercules, founder and CEO. Heft IQ aims to do the heavy lifting on the backend logistics to allow brands to focus on growing their demand. In this episode, Herc and Kevin discuss how brands often hit an inflection point where they need faster delivery and how Heft IQ can help them through its optimization and visibility platform.  How Heft IQ Helps Business Grow Through Advanced Analytical Tools Heft IQ provides brands the tools to navigate logistics, grow their

367: Siemens on Warehouse Automation

367: Siemens on Warehouse Automation Craig Henry, US Industry Manager at Siemens, Intralogistics, joins The New Warehouse to discuss some takeaways from 2023 and what we can expect the rest of the year in terms of trends in warehouse technology. Siemens is a US-based engineering company that has invested in operational and informational technologies to create an automation ecosystem. Siemens is a leader in warehouse automation, having built out a team of business developers and control systems for conveyors, ASRS systems, and cybersecurity, among others. Be sure to tune in to hear insights from Craig and a fantastic

366: Wireless Charging with Resonant Link

366: Wireless Charging with Resonant Link Resonant Link is a leading provider of wireless charging solutions for medical devices, industrial and material handling equipment, electric vehicles, and consumer electronics. CEO and co-founder at Resonant Link, Grayson Zulauf, joins The New Warehouse Podcast to discuss wireless charging solutions for Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), forklifts, and other material handling equipment (MHE) commonly found in a warehouse environment. This technology promises to improve safety and reliability compared to other charging options. Key Takeaways Resonant Link recently announced their new 19.2 kW, 400 A wireless lift truck charger. The technology offers an

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