Episode 336: Boston Dynamics

Episode 336: Boston Dynamics Perhaps you know Boston Dynamics from their viral videos of dancing robot dogs or their humanoid robot that moves with human-like agility. Did you know they developed a robotic solution to automate container unloading? On this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Nicolas De Keijser, Director of Sales at Boston Dynamics, shares how their robotic solutions perform undesirable tasks in environments that can be unsafe for humans. Be sure to listen to find out how and why Boston Dynamics took on the pesky problem of container unloading.  Key Takeaways Boston Dynamics is an engineering

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Episode 335: New Gen Architects

Episode 335: New Gen Architects If you want to scale your business or add tools to your warehouse, you will want to tune in to this episode. The New Warehouse welcomes Kimberlee Owens, Principal Architect for New Gen Architects. New Gen Architects focuses on supply chain transformation and finding the right end-to-end solutions to increase productivity and optimize supply chains. Kevin and Kimberlee discuss warehouse tools and how to select the right ones for your operation, and what happens if you don’t. Key Takeaways Kimberlee says when businesses have clearly defined organizational goals and objectives, it is much

Episode 334: Baker Industrial at MODEX 2022

Episode 334: Baker Industrial at MODEX 2022 Live from MODEX 2022, Joe Rooney, Executive Vice President at Baker Industrial Supply & Anchor Manufacturing, joins The New Warehouse podcast to discuss the racking industry. Baker Industrial is a storage solution provider and material handling integrator specializing in installing pallet racking. In this episode, Joe and Kevin discuss warehousing trends and some of the worst conditions of pallet racking they have seen throughout their careers. Key Takeaways Joe refers to the pandemic as a catalyst for warehouse spending. With the challenges brought forth by the changes in eCommerce and spikes

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Episode 333: RGo Robotics

Episode 333: RGo Robotics On this week’s episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, we welcome Amir Bousani, Co-Founder and CEO of RGo Robotics. RGo Robotics provides AGVs, AMRs, and last-mile delivery robots the ability to navigate autonomously in various environments through their AI-Powered Perception Engine. Amir and Kevin discuss why it is essential for robotics to see and understand their settings to work collaboratively within the warehouse. Key Takeaways RGo Robotics saw the intersection between robotics and vision-based technologies and realized they could drive positive change. Amir adds that many companies struggle with visual perception and are relieved

Episode 332: Green Cubes Technologies

Episode 332: Green Cubes Technologies On this special episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, we get an education on Lithium 101 with Robin Schneider, Director of Marketing at Green Cubes Technologies. Green Cubes is a power technology provider for customer OEM batteries, batteries for stationary equipment like data centers, and the motive business that makes batteries and chargers for material handling equipment and ground support equipment you would find at airports. If you are curious about lithium-ion batteries and what they can do for warehouses and material handling operations, you will want to tune in. Key Takeaways Green

Episode 331: Mujin at MODEX 2022

Episode 331: Mujin at MODEX 2022 Welcome to today’s episode of the New Warehouse, where we welcome Josh Cloer, Director of Sales at Mujin Corp. Mujin operates globally but is relatively new to the U.S. market. They specialize in robotics technology, specifically in the warehouse space, and believe in robots taking on dirty and dangerous tasks so humans can perform more creative work. In this episode, Josh and Kevin discuss the MujinController and how far robotics has come in advancing warehouse operations.  Key Takeaways The MujinController takes a different approach to deploying robotics. Mujin's new controller allows for

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