EP87: Ideal Warehouse Innovations at MODEX

Episode 87 - Ideal Warehouse Innovations at MODEX On this episode, I met with Dirk Seis who is the Director of Marketing at Ideal Warehouse Innovations. We met at MODEX in The New Warehouse booth to discuss their new trailer stand innovations and other safety offerings. Key Takeaways Ideal Warehouse Innovations' slogan is "Protecting Your People" and they provide over 1,000 skus to ensure that your facility is safe all the way from your yard to the inside of your building around your racking. As their name suggests they have personally come up with many innovative and patented

EP86: Sarcos Does the Heavy Lifting

Episode 86 - Sarcos Does the Heavy Lifting On this episode, I was joined by Kristi Martindale who is the Chief Customer Officer and EVP of Product Strategy at Sarcos. Sarcos has been helping the defense department lift heavy objects for some time but has recently started to move into the commercial world. They provide a fully body exoskeleton for humans to use for heavy lifting. Key Takeaways Exoskeletons were surprisingly prevalent at MODEX this year and when I first got into the exhibit space, where The New Warehouse booth would be, right in the middle was Sarcos's

EP 85: Lean Ops Solutions at MODEX

Episode 85 - Lean Ops Solutions at MODEX On this episode, I was joined by Jason Morin of Lean Ops Solutions at The New Warehouse MODEX booth and friend of the show Chris Barnes who is the APICS Coach. Jason was an attendee at MODEX and has an extensive background in helping warehouses and distribution centers improve their processes. We discuss some lean topics, innovations at MODEX that are helping the lean initiative and also how to get your operation on track with the lean movement. Key Takeaways Jason discusses the idea of bringing one piece flow into

EP 84: Business in a Post COVID-19 World

Episode 84 - Business in a Post COVID-19 World On this episode, I am joined by Dave Baiocchi who is the President and Owner of Resonant Dealer Services. Dave joins me for our second installment of the Material Handling Wholesaler partnership as we discuss the July 2020 cover story, written by him, entitled "Business in a Post COVID-19 World." We discuss Dave's extensive background in the forklift dealer industry, how things have changed in the industry and what the future may look like after the pandemic. Dave's Background Dave is not only the President and Owner of Resonant

EP 83: Manhattan Associates at MODEX

Episode 83 - Manhattan Associates at MODEX On this episode, I connected with Adam Kline of Manhattan Associates at MODEX 2020. Adam is the Senior Director of Product Management for Manhattan and has been with the company for over 23 years. We discuss how Manhattan is working to ensure that the integration of multiple automation providers is easy for companies to tackle. Key Takeaways Manhattan Associates is incredibly prevalent within our industry as you may be familiar. They offer a large portfolio of systems to allow your operation to function more efficiently and track what is going on

EP 82: Getting Tough with Panasonic

Episode 82 - Getting Tough with Panasonic This is a combo episode and also a review with Panasonic! I was lucky to get to test out the Panasonic Toughbook 55 during MODEX this year and then I got to connect with Craig Jackowski who is the Group Manager of their Product Management team to discuss the product further. We discussed all the different features of this new Toughbook model and how it evolved from listening to the voice of the customer. My Experience Prior to receiving my demo unit of the Toughbook 55 I had been familiar with

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