EP 156: Locus Returns

Episode 156 - Locus Returns On this episode I was joined by friend of the show Karen Leavitt who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Locus Robotics. I have spoken to Locus a number of times on the show, through a webinar and have even done a site visit to their headquarters in Massachusetts prior to the pandemic. They recently released some incredible news about them now being worth $1 billion and hitting Unicorn status so, first off, congratulations to them and really happy I have been able to see them grow as I have been following them

EP 155: Whitebox

Episode 155 - Whitebox On this episode I was joined by the Chief Operating Officer of Whitebox, Rob Hahn. Whitebox handles all of your eCommerce needs from marketplace management to the returns process. They also have their own fulfillment centers and proprietary WMS to help you distribute your product to your customer and meet service level expectations. Rob and I discuss his big career takeaways, what Whitebox does and some tips for selecting a 3PL to work with. Key Takeaways Rob has an incredibly interesting career so far and we also have a lot of similarities in our

EP 154: Keeping Up with the E-commerce Spike

EP 154: Keeping Up with the E-commerce Spike On this episode I was joined by Kraig Foreman who is the President of E-commerce and Vince Martinelli who is the Head of Product and Marketing at Right Hand Robotics and previous guest of the show. The two joined me for the latest installment in our partnership with Material Handling Wholesaler for the March 2021 cover story entitled "As E-commerce Grows, Automation and Artificial Intelligence Help Companies Keep Pace" which is now available here. We discuss the spike in e-commerce due to the pandemic, consumer behavior changes and technology being

EP 153: Raymond Lean Management

Episode 153 - Raymond Lean Management On this episode I was joined by the RLM Manager of Solutions & Support Center at The Raymond Corporation, Keith Ingels. From previous podcast discussions with Raymond representatives you may be familiar with their lean management culture which is derived from their ties to Toyota. Keith is a a part of the RLM or Raymond Lean Management program and came on the show to talk about his lean journey, how to get started with lean and shares multiple stories on how lean can work for operations. Key Takeaways One of the big

EP 152: Accuracy with inVia Robotics

Episode 152 - Accuracy with inVia Robotics On this episode I was joined by the CEO and Founder of inVia Robotics, Lior Elazary. You may remember Lior from our MODEX series last year on Episode 60 where we discussed the origins of inVia Robotics and how the landscape of robotics in the material handling industry has changed so dramatically. One thing that stuck out to me from our conversation was how the inVia solution does inventory control so on this episode Lior and I dive deeper into that discussion. Warehouse Safety Tip! - You will also notice that

EP 151: Flux Power

Episode 151 - Flux Power On this episode I was joined by the CEO of Flux Power, Ron Dutt. Just recently I covered lithium-ion batteries for Material Handling Wholesaler on Episode 147 and the response was great with tons of inquiries for more lithium-ion information. So, here it is, more lithium-ion information! In my discussion with Ron we touch on Flux Power's offerings, difficulty getting lithium-ion to a wider market and how this market coincides with the electric vehicle market. Key Takeaways Flux Power is a battery manufacturer that focuses on the material handling industry. They solely focus

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