EP 129: IBM and Cognitive Process Reegineering

Episode 129 - IBM and Cognitive Process Reegineering On this episode I was joined by Jonathan Wright of IBM. Jonathan is the Global Head of Cognitive Process Reengineering at IBM Global Business Services. I last spoke to IBM on Episode 72 with Jeanette Barlow where we discussed impacts of COVID and opportunities that have arose from them. Jonathan and I discuss how companies will be moving forward after COVID, what cognitive process reengineering is and how AI can help companies come out of the negative impacts of COVID. Key Takeaways Cognitive process reegineering is the core consulting arm

EP 128: ProGlove

Episode 128 - ProGlove On this episode I got a chance to speak with Tracy Hansen of ProGlove. Tracy is the President, North America & Global CMO at ProGlove. We discuss ProGlove's solution, disruptive innovation and industry 4.0. Key Takeaways ProGlove is a German based engineering company that is taking a human-centric approach to innovation and shaping the future of smart wearables for industry 4.0. Their newest glove system is a lightweight hand wrap that carries not only the scanner for scanning items for picks and other tasks but also has a display built in. This is different

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EP 127: Factory vs. Independent

Episode 127 - Factory vs. Independent On this episode I was joined by Dave Baiocchi for the December 2020 Material Handling Wholesaler cover story entitled "Factory Stores Coming to the U.S.?" We discuss factory stores vs. independent dealers, how the business model is changing, why it is changing and what it means for customers. Key Takeaways As we have been exploring some different topics with our Material Handling Wholesaler partnership I have been learning more about the world of material handling equipment dealers. With this episode we learn about the differences between factory stores and independent dealers. Factory

EP 126: COVID Safety with Zebra Technologies

Episode 126 - COVID Safety with Zebra Technologies On this episode I was joined by former guest Mark Wheeler of Zebra Technologies. Mark is the Director of Supply Chain Solutions at Zebra Technologies and he has also been a previous guest all the way back in Episode 21. On this episode we discuss how Zebra is helping companies through COVID, proper sanitization of devices and their recent Food Safety Supply Chain Vision Study. Key Takeaways When I last spoke with Mark we were both at MODEX in person back in March of this year and little did we

EP 125: Wyebot

Episode 125 - Wyebot On this episode I was joined by the CEO of Wyebot, Roger Sands. Wyebot is the leader in AI driven WiFi automation and helps to ensure your network is optimized. We discuss the importance of network setups in warehouse, how networks are evolving and how Wyebot's AI helps to improve network optimization. Key Takeaways Wyebot was formed out of recognizing the dynamic that warehouses have. Looking at how inventory is changing, layouts are changing and how automation is increasing, they recognized that the network needed to be automated as well. Their solution allows the

EP 124: Enersys Motive Power

Episode 124 - Enersys Motive Power On this episode I was joined by Tim Wittig who is the General Manager of Motive Power Specialty at Enersys. We have talked to Enersys multiple times on the show, most recently on our Modex episode with Harold where we discussed wireless forklift charging. Tim and I discuss the motive power branch of Enersys, contact-less battery solutions and the impact of the pandemic on the battery industry. Key Takeaways Enersys covers many different industries when it comes to providing battery solutions for whatever your power needs might be. Tim is focused on

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