465: Global E-Commerce Experts on Taking Your Brand International

Get ready to dive into the intricacies of international e-commerce expansion with guest Riki Hooker, General Manager at Global E-commerce Experts. Global E-commerce Experts specializes in facilitating e-commerce through their portfolio of strategically placed 3PL warehouses. Offering insights on how brands can navigate and succeed in global markets, Hooker shares valuable strategies for brands looking to expand from the European market to the United States and vice versa. The Intricacies of Taking Your Brand International Navigating the journey of taking your brand international, particularly for e-commerce sellers, involves a blend of strategic planning and

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464: Making the Most of Returns with Patturn’s Innovative Approach to Re-Commerce

In this enlightening episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Dennis Hoang, COO and Co-Founder of Patturn, delves into the innovative world of returns and re-commerce. Patturn is pioneering a shift in how companies manage this challenge, making the process simpler and more efficient. Dennis shares insights into Patturn's origins, sparked by a personal connection to the challenges faced by small businesses and how these challenges inspired the creation of a comprehensive solution that is Patturn. The Returns Dilemma: Consumer Ease vs. Supply Chain Efficiency Hoang underscores the unique complexities within returns management, driven by

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463: Insights into the Heart of Fulfillment with Jeff Kaiden from Capacity

In this compelling episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, we had the privilege of visiting Capacity's headquarters in North Brunswick, New Jersey, where we were warmly welcomed by Jeff Kaiden, Capacity's founder and CEO. Capacity, known for its omnichannel fulfillment services, has grown remarkably under Jeff's leadership, servicing an array of significant brands with a keen focus on e-commerce and B2B fulfillment. The episode delves into Jeff's fascinating journey in the fulfillment industry, the inception of Capacity, and the innovative technologies that have propelled the company to the forefront of warehousing and logistics. A

462: Harbor Lockers Simplifies Pickups and Returns for Logistics

In this episode of the New Warehouse podcast, we're joined by Van Tucker, VP of Technology Partnerships at Harbor Lockers. Part of Luxer One, Harbor Lockers is at the forefront of logistics innovation, offering versatile drop-off and pick-up locker solutions that enhance the delivery and return process for consumers and businesses alike. We delve into the mechanisms behind Harbor Lockers, the technology that powers them, their cost-saving benefits, and the problems they aim to solve within the supply chain. Innovative Solutions with Harbor Lockers With over 10,000 locker locations across the U.S., Harbor Lockers

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461: HeroWear Exosuits Enhance Warehouse Safety and Productivity

Welcome to the latest episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, where we sit down with Mark Harris, the visionary CEO and Co-founder of HeroWear. This episode takes us on a deep dive into HeroWear's groundbreaking exosuit technology, designed to empower workers by minimizing injury risks and amplifying productivity. We explore the inception of HeroWear, the transformative impact of their suits in the logistics industry, and a revealing study that underscores the significant benefits of adopting this technology. Innovating Exosuits for Worker Well-being Mark shares the compelling origin story of HeroWear, rooted in the everyday

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460: Meet Squid, a Most Unique End-To-End Warehouse Automation Solution from BionicHive

When is it good for things to be crawling around your warehouse? You'll find out on this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast featuring Gili Ovadia, VP of Business Development at BionicHive. Gili discusses their innovative robotic solution, Squid, which uniquely navigates warehouses in three dimensions. Established in 2016, BionicHive aims to provide a flexible automation solution to warehouses, enhancing efficiency and adaptability. This episode delves into Squid's origin, design, and potential, highlighting recent achievements, including investments and pilot programs with industry giants. Origin and Design of Squid Gili Ovadia explains Squid's development, which

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