EP 293: Clean Data with Cognistx

Episode 293 - Clean Data with Cognistx In this week’s episode of The New Warehouse, I sit down with Sanjay Chopra, co-founder and CEO of Cognistx. Cognistx is an applied AI company that builds adaptive, multi-strategy artificial intelligence products and systems. These systems help companies improve operations through AI applications. Key Takeaways Sanjay and his co-founder Dr. Eric Nyberg took their experience working on the Watson project for IBM and the Carnegie Group to launch Cognistx over seven years ago. Starting on primarily bespoke-type projects, Cognistx has evolved to focus more on products such as their data quality

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EP 292: Autostore at MODEX 2022

Episode 292 - Autostore at MODEX 2022 Joining me for this week’s podcast from the booth at MODEX 2022 is Mark Hasler, Business Development Manager at Autostore. With over 900 global installations, Autostore is a goods-to-persons automated storage retrieval system (AS/RS). Autostore’s unique cube storage automation allows organizations to maximize space and utilize nontraditional warehouse space to serve their customers. Key Takeaways Mark discusses a future in which the consumer directly interacts with the AS/RS system. The pandemic has forced retailers to find ways to get goods to customers faster. Autostore’s compact size allows retailers to move closer

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EP 291: Vecna Robotics at MODEX 2022

Episode 291 - Vecna Robotics at MODEX 2022 This week's podcast is another interesting discussion from Modex 2022, where I sat down with Daniel Theobald of Vecna Robotics. Vecna offers end-to-end automated pallet handling solutions. We discuss some fascinating solutions Vecna is bringing to the industry, including fully automated pallet jacks and how information sharing and collaboration are critical for industry growth and making purchasing easier for the customer. Key Takeaways The Vecna Omni, while still in concept, is a high-reach, fully automated forklift that goes into any aisle 8 feet or wider. The Vecna Omni's double deep

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EP 290: 40 years of DCL Logistics

Episode 290 - 40 Years of DCL Logistics Norman Tu, CEO and Founder of DCL Logistics, and his sons Dave and Brian Tu joined me on this week's special Father's Day episode of The New Warehouse. DCL Logistics is a full-service fulfillment company that handles direct-to-consumer fulfillment, retail fulfillment, and other value-added services. We discuss the 40-year history of DCL Logistics, the family dynamic of working together, and what it will take to grow in the logistics business over the next 40 years. Key Takeaways Pivoting from manufacturing floppy discs to starting DCL Logistics wasn't easy. Norman recalls

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EP 288: Safety with Toyota Material Handling

Episode 288 - Safety with Toyota Material Handling On this episode I was joined by Paige Johnson and Dixon Churchill of Toyota Material Handling North America. Paige and Dixon are both a part of the environmental health and safety team at Toyota's Indiana facility where they manufacture material handling equipment. We discuss their safety culture, how they have reduced injuries by 59% and how they continue to improve their safety culture. Key Takeaways Toyota is a well known company for their many divisions but for our industry we know of their forklifts which fall under the material handling

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EP 287: The Alpine Supply Chain Solutions Experience

Episode 287 - The Alpine Supply Chain Solutions Experience On this episode I was joined by Mark Zabloudil and Matt Warner representing Alpine Supply Chain Solutions as their customers. Mark is the COO at MJ Holding Company and Matt is the COO at Monat Global and they both joined me at MODEX 2022 to discuss their experiences with Alpine Supply Chain Solutions as their customers. We discuss why their companies needed Alpine Supply Chain Solutions help and how they were able to optimize their distribution footprint with their guidance. Key Takeaways Alpine Supply Chain Solutions provides solutions and

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