502: Warehousing and Freight with AFS Logistics

Welcome to The New Warehouse Podcast! Today, we are thrilled to have Tom Nightingale, the CEO of AFS Logistics, join us. AFS Logistics is a non-asset-based third-party logistics (3PL) provider with over 40 years of experience. Tom shares his take on warehousing and freight, highlighting the essential relationship between these two elements in the supply chain. Join us for a deep dive into the freight industry's latest trends. Discover how AFS tailors specialized services to meet the evolving demands of consumer behavior and technological progress. The Critical Role of Warehousing in Transportation Tom emphasizes

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501: Solving the Truck Parking Crisis with Truck Parking Club

Welcome to this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast. Today, we are joined by Evan Shelley, the co-founder and CEO of Truck Parking Club. This innovative company addresses the widespread truck parking shortage in the United States. Truck Parking Club provides a platform that connects truck drivers with available parking spaces using a two-sided marketplace model. The company leverages technology to solve both the parking shortage and awareness issues, making it easier for truckers to find and reserve parking spots. Evan shares insights into the genesis of Truck Parking Club, its operations, and its

500 Episodes!!! Takeaways From 5 Years of the Podcast

500 episodes! I cannot believe it but here we are 5 years later and 500 episodes later. I didn't think that the podcast would go this far when I released episode 1 back in 2019 but here we are. I have to say that I owe it to you, the listener. Without the listener finding value somewhere in the podcast, well the motivation probably would have died down at some point. However, the consistent feedback that listeners have learned something through our content has been a great motivator. For this episode, I'm diving into

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499: Going Circular with Rich Bulger

Welcome to The New Warehouse Podcast. Today, Rich Bulger, the author of Going Circular: The Evolution of Reverse Logistics into a Competitive Weapon joins the show. Rich has recently earned a master's degree in reverse logistics, a field he is deeply passionate about. His extensive background includes a 17-year career at Verizon Wireless, where he pioneered innovative reverse logistics programs. In this episode, Rich shares insights on reverse logistics, its transformative potential for businesses, and how it can be leveraged as a competitive advantage. The Journey to Reverse Logistics Mastery Rich Bulger’s journey into

498: Taking the Air Out of Packaging with IQpack

Welcome to The New Warehouse Podcast! Today, we have Ken Rohleder, the President of IQpack, joining us. IQpack specializes in innovative packaging solutions to eliminate excess air in shipping boxes, improving efficiency and reducing costs. In this episode, Ken delves into his background, the inception of IQpack, and the critical issue of air in packaging. He also shares valuable insights on how addressing this issue can benefit your supply chain and overall business operations. The Problem with Air in Packaging Excess air in packaging is a significant issue in the e-commerce industry, leading to

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497: Scaling New Heights with Plus One Robotics

In the latest episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Kevin chats with Erik Nieves, CEO of Plus One Robotics. The company, known for integrating advanced robotics into warehouse operations, recently surpassed a significant milestone of one billion picks, marking a major achievement in warehouse automation. Tune in and hear how Plus One Robotics is addressing labor shortages and enhancing warehouse operations with its groundbreaking robotics and AI technology.  Bridging the Technology Gap in Warehouses  Erik Nieves founded Plus One Robotics to address a crucial gap in warehouse automation. He notes, "The warehouse was going

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