Episode 325: Zebra’s Vision Study

Episode 325: Zebra’s Vision StudyOn this episode of the new warehouse podcast, Mark Wheeler, Director of Supply Chain Solutions at Zebra, joins Kevin to discuss the results of Zebra’s vision study....

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EP 146: Barcodes with IBM

Episode 146 – Barcodes with IBMOn this episode I was joined by Takshay Aggarwal of IBM to discuss barcodes and their evolution. IBM covers a vast array of industries and I have been lucky enough...

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EP 111: Boxlock

Episode 111 – BoxlockOn this episode I was joined by the Chief Commercial Officer of Boxlock, Andrew Kelley. We discuss the Boxlock product, how it came about and how it is being utilized in the...

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EP 104: Brother Mobile Solutions

Episode 104 – Brother Mobile SolutionsIn this episode I was joined by Dave Crist who is the President of Brother Mobile Solutions. We discussed their new TD-4 Desktop Thermal Printers, ease of...

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EP 59: Barcoding at MODEX 2020

Episode 59 – Barcoding at MODEX 2020In this episode, I am joined by Peter Zalinski of Barcoding, Inc in The New Warehouse booth at MODEX 2020. Peter is the Supply Chain Architect at Barcoding...

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