EP 111: Boxlock

Episode 111 – Boxlock

On this episode I was joined by the Chief Commercial Officer of Boxlock, Andrew Kelley. We discuss the Boxlock product, how it came about and how it is being utilized in the supply chain.

Key Takeaways

  • Boxlock is, very simply, a lock for a box but it is an incredibly smart lock. The idea behind Boxlock is that it is a contact-less way to handle deliveries to either businesses or residences in a secure manner. It allows for only specific access to a designated box or container by the owner or by the designated delivery person. This ensures that only the expected item can be dropped in the container and also retrieved by only the intended recipient.
  • With Boxlock the key becomes very digital and very flexible. Instead of a physical key for the lock, barcodes are utilized to unlock the Boxlock. A barcode can be present on the shipping label which allows the delivery person to scan the barcode and unlock the box if it is the right location. When the recipient is ready to retrieve the package they then utilize a barcode that is present on their phone to unlock the box and retrieve the package. Adding to the flexibility, the owner also has the ability to push a one time use barcode out to anyone of their choosing to unlock the box. Andrew gives a great example of how a driver may be running late to pickup a delivery at a warehouse. If the warehouse closes, the driver can be given a one time use barcode to unlock what they need to pick up and no one needs to stay behind or the driver does not need to wait until the next day. A huge time savings on both ends.
    Boxlock in action
  • While the name is Boxlock it is not just a lock for boxes. Andrew discusses how the lock can be utilized to secure specific areas where there may be high risk or high value items as well. For example, an IT cage in your facility could be secured with one of these locks and the barcode given to only certain individuals that can enter the area. With their technology you have the ability to track who is utilizing the lock and maintain a digital audit log. This is a great way to determine when something might have gone wrong or if something goes missing you can determine when it might have went missing or even who might have been involved.
  • The Boxlock is a great example of how the IoT can be applied to regular everyday things that we use like keys. As Andrew discusses, the future for Boxlock may just be a subscription based service where the device itself actually ends up being free. With the current capabilities and future planned capabilities, the services provided will be value enough to support the subscription. It also has the ability to communicate with different supply chain systems to help further Boxlock’s integration into your overall supply chain.

Listen to the episode below and let us know what you think about Boxlock in the comments.

For more information on Boxlock find their website here.

To purchase a Boxlock they can be found on Amazon here.

To connect with Andrew find him on LinkedIn here.

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