EP 61: GreyOrange at MODEX 2020

Episode 61 - GreyOrange at MODEX 2020 On this episode I am joined by Samay Kohli of GreyOrange. Samay is the CEO & Co-Founder of GreyOrange and discusses the solutions they offer which includes their GreyMatter software, Ranger line of robots and new Command Center. One of the biggest themes throughout this discussion is how AI can help to adjust to our ever changing environment. Key Takeaways GreyOrange focuses on combining piece picking with case picking for their robotics solutions. The majority of their customers, as Samay mentions, have an omni-channel fulfillment model. For GreyOrange, the big differentiator

EP 60: InVia Robotics at MODEX 2020

Episode 60 - InVia Robotics at MODEX 2020 On this episode, I am joined by Lior Elazary of InVia Robotics at MODEX 2020. Lior is the CEO and Co-founder of InVia and is a serial entrepreneur developing multiple startups over his career which he mentions in the beginning of the episode. He discusses how the robotics landscape is changing, the journey to start InVia and how the InVia system works. Key Takeaways InVia Robotics gets it's roots from the DARPA Robotics Challenge which challenges researchers to develop a robotic solution to do a series of tasks. From doing

EP 59: Barcoding at MODEX 2020

Episode 59 - Barcoding at MODEX 2020 In this episode, I am joined by Peter Zalinski of Barcoding, Inc in The New Warehouse booth at MODEX 2020. Peter is the Supply Chain Architect at Barcoding and we discussed barcodes (of course!) and also everything that Barcoding can help you with to enable your operation to be more efficient, accurate and connected. Key Takeaways A third of businesses are still not using barcodes to help track their product. Peter discusses how to start implementing them and what benefits you can see from using them. Start using barcodes! Standardization utilizing

EP 58: Raymond at MODEX 2020

Episode 58 - Raymond at MODEX 2020 The first in our series of interviews from this year's MODEX, I am joined by Jack Kaumo of The Raymond Corporation. Jack is the Director of iWAREHOUSE Technology Solutions, Telematics, LMS, Automation and Virtual Reality. Basically, he is the expert in all things technology that Raymond offers. We discuss the Raymond Corporation's concept of optimizing before automating, which we first discussed in Episode 32 with CEO Michael Field, and how they have laid out these concepts in their MODEX booth. The discussion goes from virtual reality training to their iWAREHOUSE platform

EP 57: Live from SEE Conference

Episode 57 - Live from SEE Conference This week's episode was recorded live on stage at the SEE Conference in Indianapolis. You may remember I mentioned the SEE Conference on Episode 53 with Laura Hayes of Mavpak. Lora Steele from the Hendricks County Economic Development Partnership who was the guest on Episode 29 was the organizer of the first annual conference and joined me on stage for this podcast discussion. The Conference Coming in from MODEX I was able to catch the second day of the conference and get the chance to hear some great speakers. Topics on

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EP 56: Say Ohi to Micro-Warehouses

Episode 56 - Say Ohi to Micro-Warehouses I recently had the chance to visit a one year old startup called Ohi in their New York warehouse. The warehouse, located on the 3rd floor of an office building in the middle of Manhattan, is not your typical sprawling concrete building located in a central region and as you learn about the Ohi business model you begin to understand why. In this discussion with CEO and Founder Ben Jones I learn about the Ohi business model which is bringing product closer to consumers by utilizing existing dead space in major

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