EP 76: Military Eyes in the Warehouse

Episode 76 - Military Eyes in the Warehouse On this episode, I reconnected with Don White, CEO at SnapFulfil and guest of Episode 71, post MODEX to talk about a recent article he wrote regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The article is called "Seeing Your Warehouse Operations Through Military Eyes" and takes a look at how some of the things he learned during his time as a US Navy Supply Corps Officer can be applied to our current situation. Key Takeaways First, I want to thank Don for his service and also all of those who have served and

EP 75: Caster Connection at MODEX 2020

Episode 75 - Caster Connection at MODEX 2020 On this episode, I was joined by Eric Hassen the Director of Business Development for Caster Connection at MODEX 2020. Caster Connection is your source for everything casters. On their site they have every type of caster that you can imagine and they also provide a lot of great knowledge and resources for choosing the right casters. Eric and I discuss Caster Connection's business and the ergonomics of push/pull. Key Takeaways Like I mentioned above, Caster Connection is the source for all things caster and Eric is the caster master.

EP 74: National Forklift Safety Day

Episode 74 - National Forklift Safety Day On this episode, I was joined by Brian Feehan who is the President of the Industrial Truck Association (ITA). This episode is very special as it is the first in a partnership with Material Handling Wholesaler magazine. Brian and discuss the Industrial Truck Assocation, forklift safety and the upcoming National Forklift Safety Day. Material Handling Wholesaler Magazine Partnership As mentioned above, this episode is the very first in the partnership between The New Warehouse and MHW Magazine. The partnership will bring new and different content to each of our audiences. For

EP 73: Inspekto at MODEX 2020

Episode 73 - Inspekto at MODEX 2020 On this episode I was joined by Harel Boren who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Inspekto. Inspekto uses machine learning to do quality checks and brings a plug and play setup to the industry. Harel and I spoke at MODEX via video chat while he was about 12,000 miles away due to COVID-19 regulations just beginning at that time. It was a great discussion and a really interesting product. Key Takeaways While machine vision has been utilized for inspections for a little bit, what has been missing is a plug

EP 72: Jeanette Barlow of IBM Sterling

Episode 72 - Jeanette Barlow of IBM Sterling On this episode, I am joined by Jeanette Barlow of IBM. Jeanette is the Vice President of Strategy & Offering Management for IBM's Sterling team. We discuss the current state of supply chain during the COVID-19 Pandemic and how IBM is helping their customers to create a smarter supply chain to get through the current situation and also reduce their vulnerabilities for the future. Key Takeaways IBM Sterling is a supply chain focused software suite that gives you end to end visibility utilizing real-time insights based on your different systems

EP 71: SnapFulfil At MODEX 2020

Episode 71 - SnapFulfil at MODEX 2020 On this episode I am joined by Don White who is the CEO of SnapFulfil. SnapFulfil is a cloud based WMS provider that allows a lot of flexibility for operations that need a top tier WMS but also need a budget friendly and quick implementation option. Don and I discuss SnapFulfil's WMS, how it works and their new SnapCart. Key Takeaways SnapFulfil is a software as a service (SaaS) product which makes the adoption of the system and implementation very easy. Don mentions that due to the way the software is