EP 45: Battling Porch Pirates with David Fairnie of BSI

Episode 45 - Battling Porch Pirates with David Fairnie of BSI On this week's episode I connected with David Fairnie who is a Principal Consultant in Supply Chain Security for BSI. We discussed one of the biggest issues in supply chain security which is battling porch pirates. BSI is the British Standards Institution and they are responsible for setting standards and best practices for many different industries including supply chain. David has a long background in supply chain security and is now involved with BSI by doing research on security and setting standards for how members of the

EP 44: Ecommerce and Micro-Fulfillment in India with Harsh Vaidya

Episode 44 - Micro-fulfillment and Ecommerce in India with Harsh Vaidya On this episode I went across the globe to connect with Harsh Vaidya in India. Harsh is the CEO of WareIQ which is a company focusing on bringing micro-fulfillment to India to allow greater access to the different regions of India for e-commerce companies. We had an incredibly interesting discussion on the current state of distribution in India as well as ecommerce in India. Harsh is actually a former colleague of our guest from Episode 27, Rick Watson, who discussed ecommerce with us as well. I learned

EP 43: 2019 Year End Recap

Episode 43 - 2019 Year End Recap With 2019 coming to a close last year and it being the first year for The New Warehouse, this week we take a look at some of my favorite clips from 2019's episodes. I have covered many topics over the past year so it was difficult to choose but as I think back on my discussions these were some of the things that stood out to me the most. This episode features clips from Episode 1, Episode 7, Episode 25, Episode 32, Episode 36 and Episode 38. These clips cover everything

EP 42: An Interview with Robin Gregg of RoadSync

Episode 42 - Robin Gregg of RoadSync On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Robin Gregg who is the CEO of RoadSync. RoadSync provides mobile payment solutions for the logistics world. We discuss the company, how it works, the current start up environment in the logistics industry and potential customization of their platform. For those in the logistics industry, you know that it can be frustrating at times when it comes to payment. Often times carriers utilize different forms of payment and there is additional work needed to get the money, create invoices and additional

EP 41: Labor Management Systems with Derrick Miller of The Raymond Corporation

Episode 41 - Labor Management Systems with Derrick Miller of Raymond Corporation On this episode, I was joined by Derrick Miller who is a Labor Management System (LMS) expert. Derrick is currently an Enterprise Solutions Manager at The Raymond Corporation. He is also a former employee of Easy Metrics who you may remember was featured in Episode 3 so he has had multiple experiences with performance metrics and Labor Management Systems. We first featured The Raymond Corporation when CEO Mike Field was on for Episode 32 where we discussed optimizing before automating. One of the topics of discussion

EP 40: Zebra’s Heads Up Display with Todd Boone

EP 40: Zebra's Heads Up Display with Todd Boone On this episode, Todd Boone from Zebra Technologies joins me to discuss their new FulfillmentEdge system and their HD4000 heads up display. Todd is the Director of Product Management at Zebra and is well versed in these new solutions with over 20 years of experience. Zebra has become ubiquitous not just in the warehousing space but in almost all industries and they continue to develop new solutions to improve our every day lives. One such example is a previous trip I took to Wal-Mart where I had a mobile