EP 111: Boxlock

Episode 111 - Boxlock On this episode I was joined by the Chief Commercial Officer of Boxlock, Andrew Kelley. We discuss the Boxlock product, how it came about and how it is being utilized in the supply chain. Key Takeaways Boxlock is, very simply, a lock for a box but it is an incredibly smart lock. The idea behind Boxlock is that it is a contact-less way to handle deliveries to either businesses or residences in a secure manner. It allows for only specific access to a designated box or container by the owner or by the designated

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EP 110: Matthew Caito of the Lacy School of Business

Episode 110 - Matthew Caito of The Lacy School of Business On this episode I was joined by Matthew Caito who is a faculty lecturer at Butler University's Lacy School of Business. I first met Matthew briefly at MODEX earlier this year and then we both spoke at the SEE Conference in Indiana that same week. We caught up virtually to discuss how the education climate has been during the pandemic, what students are interested in learning about and we got into some of his background in the fresh prepared foods business. Key Takeaways Matthew is currently a

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EP 109: What’s Up Professor?

Episode 109 - What's Up Professor? On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Aldo McLean, PhD at MODEX 2020. Aldo was walking by our booth at MODEX and stopped by to say hello so we threw him on the microphone and talked to him about what it is like teaching the future of our industry and what the students are interested in these days. Key Takeaways Aldo is an Assistant Professor of Engineering Management at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he teaches multiple courses surrounding the topic of logistics. Some of the most

EP 108: 6 River Systems Then and Now

Episode 108 - 6 River Systems Then and Now On this episode I caught up with Fergal Glynn of 6 River Systems twice! For the beginning of the episode we caught up at MODEX just before the pandemic hit and at the end of the episode you will hear our more recent discussion talking about what has happened since MODEX and what impact COVID has had for 6 River Systems and its customers. FLOW 2020 Before we jump into some key takeaways for this episode, I wanted to let you know that FLOW 2020 is taking place this

EP 107: Veryable On Demand Labor

Episode 107 - Veryable On Demand Labor On this episode I was joined by Mike Kinder who is the Co-Founder and CEO at Veryable. At Veryable they are looking at the future of on-demand labor. Mike and I discuss the Veryable model, the labor market during COVID-19 and how industry 4.0 will impact the labor market. Key Takeaways Veryable helps to solve an operational problem of a need for flexibility on staffing. They are able to cut out the middle person in a way by giving operations direct access to candidates so they can bring them in as

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EP 106: Preventing Theft in the Suppy Chain with BSI

Episode 106 - Preventing Theft in the Supply Chain with BSI On this episode I connected with Tony Pelli of BSI. Tony is the Practice Director of Security and Resilience for BSI and he came on to talk to me about how theft in the supply chain is increasing especially around PPE due to increased demand. We also discuss how to prevent theft in general and how to make sure your supply chain is more secure. You may remember that I also spoke to David Fairnie of BSI back on Episode 45 about theft within the last mile.

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