EP 78: Spatial Intelligence with Locix

Episode 78 – Spatial Intelligence with Locix

On this episode, I was joined by the CEO of Locix, Vikram Pavate, to discuss how they are utilizing their technology to now help track and trace individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic. We discussed how Locix is utilizing their spatial intelligence technology to help track individuals movements within facilities, trace previous steps of potentially infected individuals and help to identify where individuals might be too close.

Key Takeaways

  • We have talked to Locix before on the show back at ProMat last year on Episode 11 and their technology was intriguing then as it is utilizing sensors to give you an idea of what is going on at your dock to help increase dock efficiency. Since that time they have expanded into utilizing spatial technology beyond the dock and inside of your facility to understand where assets are and movement patterns. Now that there has been an increase in the need for awareness of distancing due to social distancing they are pivoting their technology to be used in a different way.
  • The spatial intelligence technology that they are using is now being utilized to help track movements of individuals. Vik jokes in the episode that it may seem a bit big brother but the reality is that this can help to determine what areas in your facility might be at risk if you have someone who tests positive. The ability to trace a person’s movements can give you an idea of where they spent time in the facility and who they may have potentially come in contact with. This can help to limit the spread and help you take further precautions and isolate certain individuals if needed.
  • In addition to tracing individuals, the technology from Locix can also track assets. This is extremely helpful for any large facilities that have a lot of assets to track. During the current times where hospitals are getting overloaded and resources over extended, this technology is incredibly helpful to keep track of different machines needed so that resources are being allocated and used as much as possible.
  • As we move forward and try to figure out life post-COVID, when the time comes, one difficult hurdle is determining the work environment and how to ensure proper distancing. With spatial intelligence you have the ability to track movements which over time can give you data to determine where there is a high frequency of movement and where there is a re-occurrence of multiple people getting close due to layout or traffic patterns. Using this data you can then determine layout changes or traffic pattern adjustments that can help to alleviate insufficient distancing.

Listen to the episode below and view the video to see an example of their tracing technology.

For more information on Locix check out their website here.

To connect with Vik find him on LinkedIn here.


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