EP 99: PACT Up

Episode 99 – PACT Up

On this episode I was joined by the President of PACT, Rodger Mort. PACT stands for Packaging and Crating Technologies and is a packaging company that provides unique technologies for packaging and crating. We discuss their company, the innovations they have made in the packaging industry and their efforts for sustainability.

Key Takeaways

  • One of the big differentiators for PACT is that they utilize corrugate to build crates. They have challenged the misconception that corrugate is cheap and not sturdy. Through this they have proven that corrugate is a better option to build crates because it can protect customer’s items better than wood. Additionally, it is a huge cost savings because it reduces the overall weight for shipping and corrugate is less expensive to build with.
  • Another focus of PACT is to create sustainable packaging. Rodger discusses the life cycle of a wooden crate when it ships overseas. Essentially the wooden crate ends up in a large constantly burning pile in China and does not get reused. In contrast, the corrugate that is used for PACT’s crates is actually desired overseas due to the fiber length of the cardboard and can be reused for many different things. The corrugate crate can also be reused due to strength of the patented design.
  • PACT is all about innovation. Part of the reason for this is due to their ability to listen to their customer’s needs. Rodger gives an example of how they have worked with moving companies to create their Pleatwrap product that is used in place of paper pads. This product is flexible and allows you to fold and wrap items in many ways but when put around items it creates a sturdy, protective covering. With the implementation of this product, like their other products, users see a reduction in damage claims and also a reduction in overall costs due to reduced material cost and time savings.
  • This episode is also a great case example of the effectiveness of going lean as Rodger comes from a lean manufacturing background. When he took over at PACT he started to implement a lean culture which has been incredibly effective. They are able to provide a 48 hour lead time for their crates and in most cases can get your crate order shipped to you by the next day. Rodger talks about how new customers are often surprised that they get their deliveries so quickly to the point where they need to make sure they understand their lead time claims are accurate. A great problem to have. He also gives some great insights on how to keep your team happy as well as your culture strong.

Listen to the episode below and let us know if your thoughts on corrugate have changed in the comments.

For more information on PACT find their website here.

To connect with Rodger find him on LinkedIn here.


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