EP 119: Mobile Industrial Robots at MODEX

Episode 119 – Mobile Industrial Robots at MODEX

On this episode I speak with Josh Cloer who is a Sales Director at Mobile Industrial Robot. This episode was recorded at MODEX 2020 right before the pandemic really hit the US. It is interesting to note at the beginning my comment on Josh’s sticker “My Smile is My Handshake.” We stumbled across this file and realized it had not been put out yet so this is the last in the MODEX series for this year but it is fitting as we start to prep for ProMat 2021 in Chicago. We will be there and have a booth for live podcasts. We hope that we will be able to see you in some way in person by that time!

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile Industrial Robots is a manufacturer of autonomous mobile robots. Their goal, as Josh mentions, is to create an autonomous, collaborative and open platform so that other parties can build different additions to their robots. They provide the foundation and all types of different solutions can be built on top of their multiple robot offerings.
  • The third party solutions can actually be found on their website so that you can easily find what can be done with their robots. These solutions can help expand the capabilities of their robot and help you to accomplish what you need to do in your operation. With this type of open source platform, it allows for endless possibilities for what Mobile Industrial Robots might be able to do.
  • One thing that was very interesting about MODEX 2020 was the feedback from exhibitors that the attendee was much more educated about these types of solutions. Josh discusses how there were a lot of questions regarding safety around robots and also IT security. When it comes to safety, Josh discusses how customers are really pushing the innovation in this area forward. Mobile Industrial Robots is listening to the customer and adapting to what they are wanting for safety. Josh also discusses how the safety standards are still being developed by international organizations so it is somewhat still in development with technology changing so rapidly.

Listen to the episode below and also watch the interview back when we could still do that in person!

For more information on Mobile Industrial Robots find their website here.

To connect with Josh find him on LinkedIn here.


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