405: Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Cory Connors

405: Sustainable Packaging Solutions with Cory Connors

In today’s episode of the New Warehouse podcast, we have a special guest, Cory Connors, the Director of Sustainable Packaging at Orora Packaging. Cory is also the host of the Sustainable Packaging Podcast, which reflects his passion and love for sustainable packaging solutions. He grew up in the environmentally conscious Northwest region of the United States, where recycling and sustainability were ingrained in his upbringing.

Orora Packaging is a global packaging company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with around 70 locations in North America, including 55 distribution centers and production facilities. The company is committed to being a global leader in sustainability and aims to offer more eco-friendly packaging solutions to its customers.

The Role of Packaging in the Sustainable Movement

Packaging plays a critical role in the global push toward sustainability. As Cory Connors rightly pointed out in the podcast, “Packaging is a trillion-dollar industry that people don’t fully understand its importance in their daily lives.” The sustainable movement starts with packaging, as it’s one of our lives most tangible and widespread components. Whether at home, at work, or shopping, we interact with various types of packaging daily.

The key focus of the sustainable movement in the packaging industry is to create eco-friendly packaging solutions that are easily recyclable and reusable, thus promoting a circular economy. Brands and businesses must take the lead in adopting sustainable packaging practices and encourage consumers to make more conscious choices.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions in E-commerce and Warehousing

With the e-commerce and online shopping boom, warehouses have become hubs for processing and shipping products. As a result, the demand for packaging, especially corrugate, has exponentially increased. Sustainable packaging practices in the e-commerce and warehousing sectors are critical for reducing waste and environmental impact.

Companies like Orora Packaging are working towards providing more sustainable packaging solutions to the e-commerce industry to address this. These solutions include reusable packaging options, eco-friendly materials, and innovations like the Box Latch, a reusable clip for temporarily closing boxes, which can significantly reduce the need for tape.

The Path to Sustainable Packaging Solutions Starts with Consumer Behavior

While brands and businesses play a vital role in offering sustainable packaging options, it’s equally important for consumers to embrace sustainability as a part of their daily lives. As Cory Connors mentioned in the podcast, “Sustainability is a luxury for some, but a choice for others.” Consumers must make conscious decisions and support brands that prioritize eco-friendly packaging.

Sustainable choices made by consumers will drive brands and businesses to adopt more sustainable packaging options. For instance, consumers can choose products with minimal packaging, opt for reusable or refillable containers, and recycle packaging materials correctly. By collectively making these small changes, we can pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Key Takeaways

  • Sustainable packaging is a vital component of the global sustainability movement. Brands, businesses, and consumers must work together to embrace and implement eco-friendly packaging solutions.
  • E-commerce and warehousing industries play a significant role in promoting sustainability by adopting reusable and recyclable packaging practices. Innovations like the Box Latch can reduce waste and enhance the circular economy.
  • Consumers’ choices matter the most. Consumers can drive positive change and create a more sustainable world by consciously supporting brands with sustainable packaging initiatives and recycling properly.

Listen to the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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