399: Sustainability and Digital Innovation in Warehouses with Dematic

399: Sustainability and Digital Innovation in Warehouses with Dematic

In this episode of The New Warehouse Podcast, Kevin speaks with Jenn Tabbert, the Director of Software Sales at Dematic. As a leading provider of intelligent warehouse solutions, Dematic plays a crucial role in streamlining supply chain operations for some of the world’s most renowned brands. In this engaging conversation, Jenn shed light on sustainability and digital connectivity and how they are shaping the future of the warehouse industry.

Sustainability: A Path to Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility

Amid increasing pressure from consumers, regulators, and industry groups to reduce their carbon footprint, sustainability has become a critical concern for warehouse operations. Dematic recognizes the importance of data in enabling a more sustainable approach. By leveraging software solutions, such as intelligent automation and inventory management, Dematic helps customers identify and address inefficiencies. As Jenn points out, “We’re really helping our customers move data rather than paper.” These sustainable practices reduce waste and improve overall supply chain performance.”

Dematic is Breaking Down Silos for Real-Time Visibility

The traditional, siloed approach to supply chain management is no longer sufficient in today’s dynamic market. Dematic emphasizes the need for real-time, accurate visibility across the supply chain network. By enabling connectivity and data sharing, Dematic empowers customers to adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and customer expectations. Jenn highlights data from a recent MHI survey: “86% of respondents predict that the autonomous, connected supply chain will be the norm by 2027, but only 5% are seeing that today.” Dematic aims to bridge this gap and facilitate the adoption of technologies that enable seamless connectivity and collaboration.

Software’s Role in Optimizing Warehouse Operations

Software is pivotal in optimizing warehouse operations, driving efficiency gains, and improving overall throughput. Dematic recognizes the value of leveraging software solutions to automate decision-making processes, reducing the reliance on labor and institutional knowledge. By automating tasks and streamlining workflows, the software enables employees to focus on higher-value activities and coaching, ultimately enhancing productivity. Additionally, user-friendly interfaces cater to diverse labor pools, allowing quicker on-boarding and reducing errors.

Key Takeaways from Dematic

  • The Synergy of Sustainability and Efficiency: Dematic’s sustainable solutions contribute to environmental goals and drive operational efficiency and cost savings. Through intelligent inventory management, optimized truck loading, and reduced paper usage, customers can minimize waste, enhance supply chain visibility, and achieve tangible financial benefits.
  • Real-Time Visibility for Adaptive Supply Chains: Supply chain connectivity is crucial for staying ahead in a dynamic market. Dematic’s software solutions provide real-time, accurate views of operations across the entire network, enabling rapid adaptation and meeting customer expectations. As the industry moves toward an autonomous, connected supply chain, Dematic is at the forefront of empowering this transition.
  • Software as a Catalyst for Optimization and Labor Management: Dematic recognizes the significance of software in optimizing warehouse operations. Automation of decision-making processes reduces reliance on labor and institutional knowledge, allowing workers to focus on higher-value tasks. Intuitive user interfaces expand the labor pool by enabling quick training and reducing errors, helping companies address labor shortages effectively.

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