Episode 26 – To Slot or Not?

Episode 26 – To Slot or Not?

On this episode, I am talking about slotting in the warehouse. If you are unfamiliar with slotting, it is the process of organizing inventory in the warehouse to specific locations. I discuss determining factors on whether you need to slot or not, what information you need to gather to get a slotting plan together and how to execute and maintain your slotting.

To Slot or Not?

You need to make the determination if slotting is worth your time. I give some different scenarios on where slotting may not be needed. While slotting can give you great improvements in efficiency, every operation is different and in some slotting may not be necessary.

Goal of Slotting

Slotting can help you improve many parts of your operation. The primary one is picking but it can help you improve from end to end. I discuss how departments like receiving can also benefit from slotting.

Ensuring Proper Slotting

Having the proper data is key to making sure you slot items in the right place. You will need to get data from multiple sources so that you can fully understand the movement of skus, the size of skus and the attributes of your locations. Putting all of these together can help you to properly place items in the warehouse.

Sustain Your Slotting

Once you are all setup with your slotting it is important to make sure that you are sustaining your slotting or else you will not see the benefits. This can be done through system driven processes and settings but also takes discipline on the part of your operators.

Listen below to my insights and thoughts on slotting. Let me know how you do your slotting or if you have any questions in the comments.

Want to discuss slotting further? Email me at kevin@thenewwarehouse.com

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