Episode 116 – Vargo

On this episode I was joined by Art Eldred of VARGO Solutions. Art is the Client Executive of Systems Engineering at VARGO and was a previous podcast guest during our ProMat series on Episode 11. We discuss VARGO’s COFE system, differences between WES, WMS and WCS, benefits of being waveless and also trends during COVID.

Key Takeaways

  • VARGO is a systems integrator which means they do not manufacture any components but what they do is put together the best solutions for fulfillment applications. This allows you, as a customer, to get best of breed solutions and have the ability to put them all together through VARGO’s experience and design knowledge. In addition to being a solutions integrator they also provide software that helps all of these different technologies to work together and communicate.
  • The COFE (continuous order fulfillment engine) system is VARGO’s Warehouse Execution System (WES) which helps to optimize and synchronize work flows within the warehouse. This allows all aspects of the warehouse to work together so that inefficiencies are reduced. Art gives a great background on how COFE was created and also what exactly a WES is. He discusses how the idea of a WES came from the original manufacturing execution system which allows all parts of manufacturing to operate in sync so that work flows continuously through the operation.
  • WES, WMS, WCS, what does it all mean and what is the difference? Well, Art gives a great break down of what each system’s purpose is and how the WES is the overall system that helps to coordinate the others. Overall the differences are due to the type of decision making of the system and also the timeliness. Each plays a part in the overall process but the only one that can really coordinate all of the moving parts and do it with time in mind is the WES. There is also a great break down of the differences on VARGO’s site here.
  • Since VARGO is working with multiple companies on helping them increase efficiency, I asked Art about what trends they are seeing due to the pandemic. Art discusses how the biggest thing they have seen is how companies are looking to be more capital conscious and help to mitigate issues with labor. Due to this there has been an increased demand in companies looking for flexible automation solutions that can be setup right away. As you will hear, Art discusses how this has caused the popularity of the robots as a service model (RaaS), which we have discussed on the podcast before, to rise and give companies a real chance to get through this.

Listen to the episode below and let us know your thoughts on WES vs. WMS vs. WCS.

For more information on VARGO head to their website here.

To connect with Art find him on LinkedIn here.

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