EP 125: Wyebot

Episode 125 – Wyebot

On this episode I was joined by the CEO of Wyebot, Roger Sands. Wyebot is the leader in AI driven WiFi automation and helps to ensure your network is optimized. We discuss the importance of network setups in warehouse, how networks are evolving and how Wyebot’s AI helps to improve network optimization.

Key Takeaways

  • Wyebot was formed out of recognizing the dynamic that warehouses have. Looking at how inventory is changing, layouts are changing and how automation is increasing, they recognized that the network needed to be automated as well. Their solution allows the WiFi connection to constantly be monitored and helps to identify points of weakness and quickly repair them remotely. With network connectivity being such a huge factor in allowing your operation to run, reducing potential down time is critical.
  • Roger gives us insight into what an optimized network really is. As we discuss the topic, we learn that the optimization is key to a wireless connection where a wired connection is more predictable. Due to the dynamic environment in the warehouse, the network optimization can also be constantly changing due to signals being blocked or potentially interfered with. Roger points out that these networks should be constantly monitored because of all the changes and to ensure that the network continues to be optimized.
  • The foundation of your network needs to be setup properly in order to have great connectivity throughout your facility. Roger walks us through the steps to take to ensure that you are starting with a strong network instead of trying to fix it later. He emphasizes the importance of doing a site survey first to map out the network and make sure that it will perform correctly by doing benchmark. Once the operation starts to go in place, the network needs to be constantly bench marked so any issues can be identified and corrected prior to a large disruption. Additionally, which I think is very important, connection issues for operators within the facilities also need to be reported and tracked to understand what other issues may exist within the network.

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For more information Wyebot find their website here.

To connect with Roger find him on LinkedIn here.

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