EP 182: Quadient at ProMatDX

Episode 182 – Quadient at ProMatDX

On this episode I was joined by Sean Webb of Quadient at ProMatDX. Sean is the Director of Automated Packaging Solutions at Quadient and joined me during the virtual event to catch up on what Quadient has been up to since the last time I spoke to them in person at MODEX 2020.

Key Takeaways

  • Quadient covers a large array of mailing services from mail room software and postage meters to automated packaging solutions. Their automated packaging solutions are designed to help streamline your fulfillment operation and ensure that you are not losing time during the packing process. They help to keep sustaining massive throughput with up to 1,100 packages being produced per hour. With this type of throughput you can be sure that this is a key part of your process especially with the spikes in demand due to the pandemic and the shift in consumer behavior.
  • One of the most fascinating things about their technology is the ability for it to properly measure the order that is shipping out (can be multiple items at once) and how it creates the box to fit perfectly. In the demo videos for ProMatDX it even shows a very odd shaped bike stand and it has no problem creating a box to fit it perfectly. Sean explains how the measurement happens while the items pass through a light curtain and they bounce of the item to create the perfect cube for it to ship in. Not only is it creating the perfect cube for your items but it is also reducing on waste in packaging and helping you to maximized the utilization of the trailers you are shipping in.
  • A few months back I got into a discussion on a post about how automated packaging can still ensure that item stay safe and will not get damaged in transit. Sean explains that items that are fragile will still need extra handling but this can happen upstream in the process or the products can be pre-packaged with sufficient protection. Once they are protected they can still go through the automated packaging solution with no issue and be boxed accordingly.

Listen to the episode below and leave a comment if you are thinking about introducing an automated packaging solution to your operation.

For more information on Quadient head to their site here.

To connect with Sean find him on LinkedIn here.

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