375: Pop.Capacity – The Future of Procuring Warehouse Space

375: Pop.Capacity – The Future of Procuring Warehouse Space

In this episode of The New Warehouse, Kevin sat down with Matt Fain, CEO of Pop.Capacity. Pop.Capacity is a digital marketplace for warehousing and fulfillment space. Fain founded Pop.Capacity out of frustration with the slow and inefficient process of searching for warehouses with Google, which can take up to two weeks or more.

Pop.Capacity leverages AI data, a robust network of providers, and virtual tours to create a faster and more efficient experience for shippers and suppliers. The platform allows direct connections between potential customers and suppliers, cutting out the middleman and providing a more streamlined process.

Pop.Capacity Simplifies Finding Warehouse Space

Pop.Capacity provides various warehouse solutions, from traditional 3PLs to “dark stores,” allowing users to access non-traditional options like CPG brands with overflow space or event coordinators with available space based on inventory flows. Matt shares how this is great for short-term capacity, providing a more flexible and customizable solution for companies needing space.

Pop.Capacity’s platform provides a more efficient and streamlined process for shippers and suppliers while bringing flexibility and customization to the table through non-traditional warehouse solutions. By leveraging AI data and virtual tours, Pop.Capacity is shaping the future of the procurement of warehouse space.

Operators benefit from using the platform to showcase themselves through virtual tours of their buildings. This allows them to understand better the types of projects they are looking at and make quick decisions without wasting time. Pop.Capacity also personally captures 3D images and tours of spaces, with relationships built as a priority. Operators can highlight their technology stacks, robotics, automation capabilities, and exterior solutions like trucks tied to the building.

Digitizing Procurement of Warehouse Space

Pop.Capacity is a platform that helps digitize procurement in logistics, focusing on warehouses and distribution centers. The team uses data to aggregate insights and reports for shippers and suppliers to make better critical decisions within the marketplace dashboard. This data includes the square footage cost in different regions, allowing for intelligent decision-making.

Matt discussed how the market is softening, and it’s a reset, where people understand who is good at what. While people won’t necessarily be closing warehouses, he believes they will consolidate to create an infrastructure that works across all verticals.

Offloading Automation Solutions

Matt is excited to see some offloading automation solutions at Promat, as they can help ease the manual job of unloading containers. This speaks to Pop.Capacity’s overall mission of leveraging technology to enhance the buying experience and create a more efficient and effective process for procuring warehouse space.

Key Takeaways

  • Pop.Capacity is a platform that helps digitize procurement in logistics, focusing on warehouses and distribution centers.
  • By creating a digital platform, Pop.Capacity provides a faster and more efficient solution for procuring warehouse space.
  • The Pop.Capacity platform provides shippers and suppliers access to the best fit for them, allowing them to make quick decisions without wasting time.

Listen to the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Guest Information

For more information on Pop.Capacity, click here.

To connect with Matt on LinkedIn, click here or email him directly at Matt@popcapacity.com.

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