381: Lucas Systems at ProMat 2023

381: Lucas Systems at ProMat 2023

Ken Ramoutar, Chief Marketing Officer at Lucas Systems, joins The New Warehouse live from ProMat 2023. Lucas Systems is a Pittsburgh-based software company focused on improving warehouse efficiency by providing workers with tools to streamline their operations. Their system, run by the voice assistant Jennifer, helps workers move around warehouses more efficiently and reduce stress with minimal walking and unproductive time. Ken and Kevin discuss everything from the MHI Innovation Awards nomination for Lucas System, things to consider before robotics, and how voice optimization benefits the warehouse.

Lucas Systems Voice Optimization System for Warehousing Operations

One of the most exciting recent trends in warehousing technology is voice optimization, which allows workers to use spoken commands to direct their work and receive instructions from a central system. Ramoutar shares, “Jennifer’s the voice and the brains of our system. She helps the workers move around the warehouse so they know what to do, what to pick, and where to go next. So she’s really their best friend. And so what Lucas does is we not only help the workers, but we help warehouses get a lot more efficient and productive.” This technology offers several key benefits for the industry, from increased employee productivity to more security to reduced operator fatigue to enhanced customer experience.

The Challenges of Modern Warehousing Operations

Today’s warehouses face several key challenges, from growing customer demands and rising operational costs to the need for improved efficiency and accuracy in order fulfillment. In the past, these challenges were often addressed through manual processes, with warehouse workers often using paper-based systems and physical labor to manage their daily tasks. However, as the industry has grown and become more complex, these approaches have become increasingly untenable.

As a result, many companies have turned to technology and smart software to optimize their operations. Solutions like Lucas, a leading provider of voice optimization systems and smart software for the warehousing industry, offer new ways to streamline warehouse processes and boost worker productivity. Ramoutar adds, “Labor remains a big challenge for most of our customers. The newer workers want tech. Their expectations are bigger, and I think tech will be a game changer for those who want to acquire and retain the warehouse workforce of the future.”

Lucas Systems Warehouse Orchestration

One of the key benefits of a voice optimization system from Lucas Systems is the ability to orchestrate workflow efficiently within warehouse and distribution center operations. “And one of the things we do at Lucas is optimize how they run the warehouse, and we help optimize the amount of travel,” says Ramoutar, and also one of the reasons Lucas Systems was up for an MHI Innovation Award this year. Lucas Dynamic Work Optimization product has some customers reporting a 50% decline in employee travel time thanks to its efficiency.

Additionally, a voice optimization system can help improve picking accuracy, as workers can receive specific instructions and feedback directly from managers through the system. This can help reduce errors and ensure that items are accurately picked and shipped to customers.

Another key benefit is the reduction of operational fatigue. With a voice-activated system, workers can have their hands free to focus on tasks rather than constantly switching between physical tasks and data entry. This level of orchestration provided by Lucas Systems can help warehouses continuously adapt, prevent injuries and reduce fatigue, leading to a safer and more productive work environment in changing market dynamics.

Key Takeaways

  • Companies need to think about more than just buying robots; they also must consider how it will work with the existing system and who can help make it happen.
  • The Dynamic Work Optimization product has been developed by Lucas Systems for over 10 years, and customers have reported up to 50% reduction in worker travel time due to its efficient routing.
  • The newer workers want tech. Their expectations are bigger, and it will be a game changer for any warehouse or distribution center looking to acquire and retain the warehouse workforce of the future.

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