410: The Collaborative Success of Vanderlande and RightHand Robotics

410: The Collaborative Success of Vanderlande and RightHand Robotics

Welcome back, avid listeners of The New Warehouse Podcast! In today’s exciting episode, we’re diving into the fascinating world of warehousing innovation with two exceptional guests. The dynamic duo joining us today: Jake Heldenberg, Head of Solution Design for Warehousing in North America at Vanderlande, and David Schwebel, Head of Sales and Business Development at RightHand Robotics.

Get ready to uncover the secrets behind their groundbreaking partnership, where integrator expertise meets cutting-edge robotics technology, reshaping the landscape of modern warehousing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the highlights of their conversation, focusing on three key topics that shed light on the warehousing industry’s evolution and the crucial role these companies play.

Tailored Automation Solutions: Vanderlande’s Approach to Warehousing Excellence

Let’s start by delving into Vanderlande’s role as a leading solutions provider in the warehousing industry. Jake gives us insights into Vanderlande’s core mission: “The number one thing that we focus on working with our customers is finding the right solution for them to make their business better, stronger, more profitable.” Vanderlande specializes in optimizing supply chain processes and distribution center operations to enhance businesses’ efficiency, accuracy, and overall success. As Jake explains, it’s not just about automation—it’s about identifying what makes each customer unique and creating tailor-made solutions that empower them to outshine the competition.

Robotics Revolution: Unleashing the Potential of RightHand Robotics

David Schwebel introduces us to the world of RightHand Robotics, a pioneering force in robotic piece-picking technology. Founded in 2014, the company’s ingenious solution involves “the hand, which is how we pick things, the eye, how we observe it and see it in the arm that moves it.” RightHand Robotics’ innovation lies in its ability to replicate human-like dexterity and precision, offering seamless solutions for various fulfillment needs. “Ultimately, it is all about picking and placing the eaches that delight the consumers and end users.” David emphasizes that their partnership with Vanderlande has been instrumental in expanding their capabilities and enhancing the customer experience.

Bridging the Gap: The Integrator-Robotics Synergy

The heart of this engaging conversation revolves around the unique partnership between Vanderlande and RightHand Robotics. Jake provides valuable insights into this collaboration: “Through looking at all these various companies, we found that with RightHand, they had all three segments covered.” He refers to vision and grasping, hardware, and robot control—as essential components in successful automation. David elaborates on how this partnership has allowed RightHand Robotics to focus on its core strength, robotic picking, while leveraging Vanderlande’s expertise in system integration, program management, and design. Together, they’re tackling the challenges of order completeness and process optimization to drive their customers’ success.

Key Takeaways from Vanderlande and RightHand Robotics

  • Customization is King: Vanderlande’s mission centers on crafting tailored automation solutions that align with each customer’s unique needs and competitive advantage.
  • Robotics Revolutionized: RightHand Robotics’ mastery of robotic piece-picking technology unlocks unprecedented accuracy and efficiency, enhancing fulfillment operations.
  • The Power of Synergy: The partnership between Vanderlande and RightHand Robotics demonstrates how integrator expertise and robotics innovation come together to fill gaps and deliver seamless, optimized solutions.

Listen to the episode below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Guest Information for Vanderlande and RightHand Robotics

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