Episode 330: Hoj Innovations

Episode 330: Hoj Innovations

Tim Hoj, CEO of Hoj Innovations, joins Kevin on today’s episode of The New Warehouse podcast to discuss everything from micro-fulfillment to how Hoj Innovations can increase fulfillment rates from 30% – 50%. Hoj Innovations has been offering material handling solutions and improving fulfillment operations for nearly sixty years. Tim describes the company as a diverse material-handling company offering services, hardware, software, data automation, and engineered solutions. You won’t want to miss this episode!

Key Takeaways

  • Tim shares the humble beginnings of Hoj Innovations that began with his father starting the company. Over the years, the company evolved from selling products for material handling solutions to a complete solutions provider. Tim explains how his father’s perspective on efficient operations and the dividends they pay are at the core of the company’s beliefs. 
  • Approximately fifteen years ago, the company pivoted to provide solutions specific to each customer’s operations, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and enabling fulfillment to be a core competency. Tim details how each customer delivers an “Ah Ha” moment, which helped build the WMS solution they have today. 
  • Hoj Innovations recognized early on the potential of using devices like iPads in the warehouse and developing WMS solutions that weren’t cost-prohibitive to start-ups and SMBs. Tim shares how their Warehouse OS is more of an empowerment tool than a traditional WMS, meaning that in addition to conventional features, the Warehouse OS delivers speed, flexibility, and efficiency for the operator.
  • The picking apps from Hoj Innovations deliver some fantastic results. They are easily improving labor rates and fulfillment by 30% to 50%. Not many companies would put this to the test, but as you see here, they are able to cut picking time in half for half the cost.

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