Episode 346: Orchestrating Warehouses with Fulfilld

Episode 346: Orchestrating Warehouses with Fulfilld

The New Warehouse welcomes Tony Ingham, Product Owner at Fulfilld, for our first podcast of 2023. Fulfilld is a leading warehouse management services provider for mid-level, $200 million, and above markets. Their software as a service platform provides customers with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage their warehouse operations. Tune in to hear all about how Fulfilld is looking at the entire warehouse ecosystem to help employees and the overall orchestration of warehouse operations. 

Key Takeaways

  • Tony explains how Fulfilld focuses on ease of use, ease of adoption, speed of deployment, and agile methodologies in everything they do. They utilize machine learning models and artificial intelligence to apply to everyday business needs within a warehouse to bring the best of both worlds from execution and management. 
  • As Warehouse Management Systems get more complex over time, the more you ask them to do, the more it increases implementation time. Fulfilld is trying to provide the ability for warehouses to scale up and scale down machine learning and AI to speed up adoption and allow them to tackle easier processes. This flexibility is critical for warehouses as it breaks down the barrier of lengthy implementations and enables users to grow with the system. 
  • Fulfilld can sit on top of an existing ERP or warehouse solution. Tony feels this provides a better user experience by either operating as the front end of an ERP or as a mobile solution for warehouse operations. 
  • The varying levels of vendor evaluation required when adopting a warehouse management system is one of the reasons Fulfilld developed handheld devices. Fulfilld shows that by providing a “one-stop shop,” the customer is up and running quickly. 
  • The handheld device uses digital twin technology to give employees real-time location awareness and turn-by-turn directions. Data from handheld devices to optimize various tasks in the warehouse, including pick paths, putaway paths, and travel time. That real-time location data becomes invaluable for providing data points ingested by machine learning and AI models to develop the optimal pick path.

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